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expanded to twice the flavor. Thanks Evert for a tasty snack to play on! played on the blue meany in FACGAB tuning Glad I HAD FUN!!!


May 20 2020 02:02:27
JangoJam Nutty Buddies?
May 20 2020 02:43:14
Fishinmissio "Bud" ies +1
Fantastic this Sound JangoJam;)
Wonderful your Guitar line ;) great job friend :Y<3
May 20 2020 02:02:53
JangoJam Thanks Charlie! +0
Nice contrast with the boring elevator music that I have made. Now I want a blue meany too (such a fascinating sound). I played my part on a stratocaster with a strip of aluminium over the bridge pickup. I'm very satisfied with the damped sound. Thanks for joining Jango and stay healthy.+1
May 20 2020 16:14:24
JangoJam my Blue Meanie is a Squire Strat -- HH with a new pickguard -- super wiring(thick) and the guy that does the loaded pickguard winds his own pickups -- the Bridge is 14K and the Neck is 7k -- I was afraid they'd be too "metal" for me but are really creamy and the volume knob controls a lot of the "Drive" that comes from the pickups -- plays super clean to raunchy -- I like 'em +0
May 20 2020 16:16:55
JangoJam yeah I like your guitar sound on this one! :Y +0
Yes very smooth and relax one :) first time i see the tuning you use here+1
May 22 2020 23:30:57
JangoJam I made it up myself +0
May 23 2020 17:30:40
JangoJam Based on a tuning I saw of some wild (Oriental heritage) GUITAR Playing lady on ---she played in FACGA_ forgot what her last High string was -- and I didn't like it so I went for a B
Makes a nice OPEN sound -- every-time I play in it I have to play for some time to remember the patterns of harmonic notes for a LEAD -- but hey just means more guitar time!
Ahhhh yea the old FACGAB'er tunning....lulls me away every time<3:P+1
very nice recording :)+0

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