Wednesday Lunchtime Blues

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Cool older track from SlonMusic, a great acoustic blues .. added some bass, thanks for the fun jam! :D:W
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blues jam, bass and acoustic guitar


Living a Dream because the blues is so vital to LIFE and when you play it I am always reminded how good Life can be!!!! Excellent, Ernie!!!+2
May 20 2020 18:29:02
Ernie440 Oh very nice comment my good friend! Thanks Dan!! :) +0
Hot Tuna spirit live here! Wonderful bass Ernie! :)+2
May 20 2020 18:43:37
Ernie440 Heya Stef, thanks so much brother. Hope things are OK for you in Italy. :):):) +1
May 20 2020 19:09:21
Stef The infections and deaths have dropped and we are now in phase 2 where we can finally go out freely within our region with all the precautions. I Hope the cases don't grow back newly. Thank yo my friend. Take care of yourself. :) +2
May 20 2020 19:13:34
Ernie440 Good to hear Stef!! All good here in Nova Scotia, not a hotspot for the disease. Glad you can get out! On your bike :D Me too ... love to mountain bike around. :):) +1
Nice and polished sounding. Great job... Love it! :D+2
May 21 2020 01:53:14
Ernie440 Many thanks Steven! :D +1
liking that classic Ernie style bass and a cool track from SteveSlonmusic too :)+1
May 21 2020 01:53:03
Ernie440 ahhh .. it's Steve of SlonMusic .. was wondering ... thank you Shi!!! :D:) +1
Great you brought this one back bro, it’s sounding great, I don’t how you manage it with a chainsaw in hand and riding round gardening on a mountain bike, you are some magic performer Ernie:W:D:W:)+1
May 21 2020 01:52:25
Ernie440 haha .. that sounds dangerous but someone has to do it, right? Thanks bro! :D :D:D +1
Excellent mi bro, love the way you follow the lines of the guitar. Blue blues on! :D+1
May 21 2020 01:51:58
Ernie440 it's a jaunty little number if I must say so myself .. haha.. thanks Brian!! :D +0
very cool blues from you too!!
great taste this lunchtime blues!!:D:W
May 21 2020 01:51:36
Ernie440 Thanks kindly Stéphane!! :) +1
Joined at the hip? So good...yes I'm going to say the "D" word!+1
May 21 2020 01:51:12
Ernie440 The dreaded D word .. hehe! Cool Wade!!! Bound to be a classic mon ami!! :D:D Thanks for stoppin in !! +1

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