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Well i'm not a singer, but decided to share this strangey song in the stangey time, it was fun to do, not sure my english's good ;) gonna write the lyrics proxima, there place for bass and any good vibes, i'd play the drum on my keyb then if drummer want to take a ride the drumless is in the HD Download, and if someone want the track without voice or some instruments removed, just ask me, have a nice ...
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kind, of, Hippie, song


Very cool Greg, nice to see you back .. hippy dreams are welcome during this crazy time!! Good to hear you too! :D:D+2
May 22 2020 17:55:32
GuitarPlyr Hi Ernie, really supercool to read you during this shitty time !! hope you're allwright my friend :) +1
May 22 2020 18:43:47
Ernie440 Doin' OK my friend, still above ground, you too brother Greg!! ;):) +0
Cool cool one Greg <3 Happy to here you here :)+1
May 22 2020 18:00:02
GuitarPlyr Nice to read you' re cool comment Filo, merci d' être passé faire une écoute :) +1
May 22 2020 17:57:23
GuitarPlyr Yes JJ dance and love, thanks for the listen ;) +1
great song; great feel :)+1
May 22 2020 17:56:28
GuitarPlyr And re-thanks Carp !! ;) +1
Not every singer needs a sweet voice... But this, both voice and song, have a great vibe. :D Well done!+1
May 22 2020 17:21:19
GuitarPlyr thanks for the really cool comment Fivestringer :) +0
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