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A beautiful airy composition from Acousticeg. Sopranino added in a backing mode.


Lovely Wade, I enjoyed that very much <3+1
May 23 2020 12:35:03
Wade Thanks so much Tu. Such a good track from Acousticeg. Just following his lead. +1
Superbly well integrated! <3+1
May 23 2020 12:36:10
Wade Thanks Ray...I try to be faithful to the originator's feel/mood. So kind of you to comment. +0
<3 Wonderful Wade :) amigo+1
May 23 2020 12:37:03
Wade So good to hear from you Xavi. Hopefully you are keeping well my friend. glad you like the music. +1
May 23 2020 23:02:55
ivax <3<3 Thanks Wade,I´m Well and you? +1
May 25 2020 06:53:49
Wade Everything fine here and the virus just about wiped out from New Zealand. +1
May 25 2020 20:27:50
ivax that's good news +1
So nice to have you join me on this one. Heart felt beautiful playing my friend. Hope you and yours are well. :)+1
May 23 2020 12:38:04
Wade So wonderful to be on a track with you again. You've created a thing great beauty, I can only hope to not screw it up. +1
May 23 2020 21:17:03
Acousticeg Nothing you play is a screw up.Now on the other hand I've screwed up and it stuck out like I had ten thumbs. Usually I'm just going for something cool but it doesn't work. But what doesn't work for one song may turn out great for another. I've discovered a lot of original riffs that I refine into my playing from those mistakes. Thats why I'm still a hard core jammer. Get together with a group of musicians someone yells out a key or just starts playing what ever comes to mind...That's how I learned to play. By making many mistakes.:) +1
May 23 2020 22:23:57
Wade That makes two of us as "hard core jammers". The difference is that most guitarists or keyboard players won't listen to and play along with a sax, so I've got to follow them. I learned to watch hands and listen intently so that I could anticipate where they were going. No doing that here, but I have the luxury of doing a second take! +0
Guitar and nino intertwined, they break apart, they reunite

This is a story well told
May 23 2020 12:39:42
Wade Good observation! I'm just following along with Acousticeg's flow, where he leaves a space that can/should be filled (was it on purpose?). He creates such fine moods/feels, it's easy to get swept up. +1
Time drops here :) peaceful feeling+1
May 23 2020 12:41:24
Wade So good to hear from you! Glad you like. It's a wonderful feel that Acousticeg has created...I'm just tagging along. +1
Superbe !
You put a lovely ambiance.
Great :)
May 23 2020 12:41:55
Wade All credit to Acousticeg who set the pace and feel. Thanks. +1
Wonderful subtle addition !!!<3+1
May 23 2020 12:42:42
Wade I'm so glad that you think it's subtle as that's very much what I wanted as the guitar is so good and doesn't really need me. +1
Beautiful combination of sounds, with the sax riding the waves of the guitar like a bird bobbing on a gentle ocean. Lovely work, both.+1
May 23 2020 12:43:34
Wade Ah Dan, that's lovely imagery! Thanks so much. +0
Your sax is truly well fused with the track, Wade <3

Beautiful track, mates <3
May 23 2020 12:44:35
Wade So kind of you to say. I really wanted to be almost inconspicuous on this, but glad if you think it works. +1
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