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This is old song. I wrote music for this with my friend, who taught me to play guitar. And a lot of my friends wrote a lot of texts about love on this music. But i wanted to something more intresting and take text from russian journal. Enjoy this ^^ And i want to ask you to record drums for it, because i was trying to do it in SDD5, but it to hard for me)
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Unplugged, Ballad, Neo-classic


:D<3...I like it very much, and I must say for personal taste the Russian sound of the words I find it very pleasant even if I don't understand anything at all...nice sound YOj:W+1
May 23 2020 13:53:12
YOj1k Thank you very much, Jean :)
Russian is very good language :))
Sometimes the google translator can help+1
An superb job. I´m guitarist too and can aprecciate the good job! <3+1
May 23 2020 17:29:40
YOj1k Thank you, Andri:) I havetried my best :) +1
May 23 2020 18:03:15
Andri Perfect! Good job! +1
Very nice! :)+1
May 23 2020 17:30:39
YOj1k Thank you, White Drum :):Y
Need drums
Hi Michael, very nice balanced guitar .. vocals and I like your lyrics:W+1
May 23 2020 17:31:37
YOj1k Thank you Peatric :) Lyric is not my :) Your drums will be nice here :) +1
love the song :) <3+1
May 23 2020 20:04:30
YOj1k Thank you, Andrea :) +1
I really like this -very nice playing/vocal and composition my friend. Welcome to the Loops:)
May 23 2020 20:30:56
YOj1k Thank you, Keith :) +1
Good song with good vocals :)+0

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