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At first I tried to accompany the version with marmot, but since the text repeatedly says: "hear the silence", I thought that would not fit:). So I accompanied to this wonderful version with NAF in "A". Thank you "OliVBee" and "Marceys"


You sweep me into my dream world with your Beautiful flowing melodies so laid back with a hint of cool vibrato expressing your respect for the serendipities mood of this Wonderful song!!!! Excellent, Peter!!+1
May 26 2020 17:44:47
Pewi Thanks a lot, I'm so glad you like it!:) +0
Pete! I think it's a very nice and excellent quality tune you've made on this track. I congratulate you.+1
May 26 2020 17:44:12
Pewi Thank you very much!!:) +0
I very much love the fact you're respecting each track you're adding to and not only by your great playing ;) this is definitely the sign of a well trained musical soul :) thanks for sharing and joining the fun with us !+1
May 26 2020 18:22:41
Pewi Thank you very much. This may sound a bit strange, but I believe that in music, good results can only be achieved if each musician tries to understand the message of a song and then adjusts his activity.;):) +1
May 26 2020 19:02:11
OliVBee it doesnt sound strange to me at all ! at the service of music : that's what any musician should be ;) +1
wunderschön, Peter! :)+1
May 26 2020 18:28:04
Pewi freut mich sehr, wenn`s gefällt!!:) +1
Beautiful playing peter!!!<3:)+1
May 26 2020 21:47:56
Pewi thanks alot:):) +1
So beautiful<3+1
May 28 2020 18:32:23
Pewi thank`s a lot:):) +1
One wouldn't have thought the NAF had any limitations from the way you play it here. So good and so appropriate.+1
May 28 2020 18:35:15
Pewi Hi Wade thank you very much for this compliment! It's a wonderful experience for me, every time I get a little more involved with these simple instruments, I find new possibilities.;):) +1
May 29 2020 06:26:12
Wade Limitations are not always a bad thing as they can help you concentrate your efforts. The main problem with NAF and similar instruments is the lack of a chromatic scale. If you've got the right instrument in the right key then it's just another way to express what you hear in your head and want other to hear as well. Musicianship isn't just having fast fingers, it's hearing the music and being able to play what you hear. You've definitely got that talent. +1
Always a great pleasure Peter to hear your wonderful flute adds!!<3<3<3+1
May 28 2020 18:36:06
Pewi Thanks a lot for your visits and the nice words, I am very happy about it :) +0
fantastic add!! great melody!!! sounds so so good!!! great Peter:W;)+1
May 28 2020 18:36:22
Pewi Thank you so much my friend:) +0
That's the relaxing thing i needed very much! Thanks for this great moment, such a great feeling and sound! <3+1
May 28 2020 18:37:14
Pewi I am very happy that you like it and thank you very much for your music :) +0

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