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a little guitar template to have fun with. guitar is vox sdc(d#tuning). professional life resumes, so I could not play for several months. But I would always keep an eye on your compositions. So I put away my guitars for the moment. hope you have fun with this one:) .alls adds welcome !!!
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rock, crunch guitar


May 29 2020 00:57:29
btrasher thank you my friend:):W +1
great rock track, Stèphane.
see ya hopefully back soon (and keep the whammy bar oiled..;) )
May 29 2020 01:07:17
btrasher thank you very much my friend:) i'll be back with my whammy bar, i promise:W +1
Cool your Guitar Rock Template btrasher ;)great job friend :W<3+1
May 29 2020 07:33:18
btrasher Thank you very much charli i'm glad u like it!!!:):W +1
May 29 2020 20:30:43
btrasher Thank you very much my friend :) +1
Punchy :W ça va me manquer :o t'es marin au long cours ou quoi ? même pas la place d'emmener un micro et un ukulélé ? Bon, faut bien faire bouillir la marmite :D Bon courage mec et à bientôt :)+1
May 29 2020 07:31:15
btrasher Merci beaucoup chris!!!:).je suis pas marin mais je vais faire bouillir la marmite
:D:D.j'écouterais toujours tes compos l'ami, mais pour les jams on remettra ça à plus tard:):W
May 29 2020 08:04:23
Cassius Ok Marius, mais tu me fends le <3 :D +1
Bon vent, bon pied, bon œil!
Je continuerai à jouer pour toi mon pote :)
May 29 2020 07:17:11
btrasher J'espère moi je continuerai à écouter ta zic;).à plus l'ami:):W +0
Great riff... Like how it drops around 2:20.. great job Stephane! :W+1
May 29 2020 20:35:59
btrasher Thanks my friend steven
I'm glad you like it :):W
:W:W:W 👍+1
Cool brother:W see you when your job is done:D+1
May 29 2020 20:34:17
btrasher Thanks my friend, i'll try to take the time to listen and comment your tracks.i'll plug my guitar later(so much work now:@) +1
Fantastic Stéphane as always thoughtful creative and with cool style, I do hope all goes well and will miss your presence, I hope you keep making music and share with us whenever you have time my good friend<3:W:)+1
May 29 2020 20:29:13
btrasher Thank you my friend much work is coming everyday so it's difficult for me to play:@ ,but i still listen to your song and comment when i have time.i'll comme back in a few month i promise ;) .see you soon my friend :W:) +1
May 30 2020 09:02:05
PJE :W +0
really nice one Stephane !:D+1
May 31 2020 07:22:35
btrasher Thank you very much my friend oliver:):W +0
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