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Celebrating our new member Mike. I hope he likes the add and the rest of you do too. He's such a fine and understated player with wonderful compositional ideas. Hopefully more to come.


Lovely ! :)<3+3
May 29 2020 10:05:32
Wade Thanks Ray. Capturing your discerning ears means a lot to me. +2
Elegant and fine one in front of a sunset <3+3
May 29 2020 10:12:43
Wade I'd hoped that this would work for you and others who appreciate subtlety and passion. Thanks so much for your listen and feedback. +2
May 29 2020 19:24:05
CGN_Mike Thank You <3 +3
May 29 2020 19:24:49
CGN_Mike ...sunset…. a good idea <3 +3
May 29 2020 21:52:30
Wade So glad you like this. I usually don't post back tracks for as long as two years, but wanted to welcome you in a very personal way and let you know that your music "resonates" with me. +1
May 29 2020 21:59:23
CGN_Mike it makes me happy to hear that and I hope that we can still make a lot of music together:) +1
I’m listening to this after a hard night of work, I’m feeling right now and ready to sleep for dreaming about something else :)
Cool track from both of you guys
May 29 2020 10:06:53
Wade Seems like good sleepy-time music. Rest easy with the gods my friend and hopefully we will meet up again soon in music. +2
Excellent narrative :) gorgeous take !+2
May 29 2020 10:08:17
Wade It always means a lot to me when you take time to listen and comment. I like the apparent simplicity of this piece very much. So glad you also like it. +2
So cool Mike and Wade,and did you notice the first chord is (almost) the same as the famous opening chord in the Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, although the song then proceeds in quite a different vein, but isn't also about relaxing after a day of hard work...anyway I love that chord...great tune, too.+2
May 29 2020 19:23:20
CGN_Mike no I didn't notice…. that's very interesting ... thanks for your attention and your kind words<3 +1
May 29 2020 21:55:53
Wade I didn't notice either. I just love the potential chordal "spread" in playing with just one other instrument. The listener fills in the missing notes. Kind of like impressionist painting where the eyes see colors that aren't there and forms that are only suggested. +1
May 29 2020 21:57:30
Wade So glad this one works for you. Our new member Mike certainly inspired me. Cheers bluesdog. +0
May 30 2020 00:21:05
bluesdog Very interesting thought, Wade; thus,the listener would also, in a way, "create" the music by filling in the "missing" parts instead of just passively listening. Just as your sax line "revealed" the potential music suggested by Mikes chord progressions. Good thinking! +1
May 30 2020 00:24:51
Wade Yes! you get it!!! +0
Deep and introspective! Refined phrasing construction with great richness of nuances and skillful volume dosage!+2
May 29 2020 19:16:31
CGN_Mike <3 +0
May 29 2020 22:07:31
Wade As always your acute listening is much appreciated. I do "sweat" over adjusting the volume in a mix as I tend to play with a lot of dynamics, which are seldom at the right level. Your romantic heart always gets the emotions as well. Thanks Stef. +0
Fantastic Your Saxophone Wade. I like this Sound with Mike and you. Wonderful Acoustic Sound ;)<3+2
May 29 2020 22:09:08
Wade That's a very lovely and kind compliment. I try very hard to blend in, so it makes me very happy when that works. +1
A brilliant moody piece of work ... plus the song is nice too. Really nice Wade .. this is a super tune.+2
May 29 2020 22:12:04
Wade Cheers Ernie. Mikes template is wonderful as an inspiration. Just glad if I can sound OK with it. +1
Again a great job, Wade! Congratulations. <3+2
May 29 2020 22:14:30
Wade Thanks Andri! The pace is right in this for my old brain and hands...Ha! I still have a few of your tracks to post and more not recorded yet...will hopefully get to them soon (winter is almost here and my work slows down). +0
Beautiful Wade<3+2
May 29 2020 22:16:37
Wade Thanks! This track is also perfect for you. Take me out (just Mike's template) and give it a go. Your melodic bass playing will sound superb with this. +1

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