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Not certain what this is. Thanks for listening. HD without drums.


Its a Rumba.[img]https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ShockingAgedBaleenwhale-size_restricted.gif[/img]+5
May 29 2020 09:06:20
FrankieJ Ah ha! That is some smooth moves:Y:) +3
May 29 2020 16:49:45
LittleWing I have two hours into this track so far just experimenting with things.Heres my two cents whether you want it or not:
1. I think if whomever jumps aboard gets their acts together , this could be a great track for a vocalist . In the vain of the mariachi /brazilian music Linda Rondstat did.
2. Im using Session Horns to see how a Tijuana brass section like Herb Alpert sounds and if used sparse and tastfully, I think it could work although I have nothing other then some really funny sounding stuff right now. Theres a chorus bit you do based on E , Im actually getting a funky horn riff kinda going ala Led Zeppelin Fool In The Rain.
3.I think a standard drum kit would work. I have EZ drummer Latin Percussion but I dont use like a normal kit. I basically use it to tap latin instruments to real drummers. I havent tried it yet but Im looking forward to seeing what works.
4.Im hearing Brazilian . I do hear the Tijuana reference and get it but I really do envision Brazilian which is alot different . Steel drums etc...

If you could only hear the lunacy I have going on but this could be very fun.

No guarantees , Im looking for something to sink my teeth into and destroy and this my be it but it hasnt come together yet where it takes off on its own, but something is telling me it will.

Im digging it.
May 29 2020 20:10:46
FrankieJ That all sounds very interesting. I hope it comes together. Would love to hear it. +2
Groovy Frankie! 👍 :)+1
June 04 2020 22:23:30
FrankieJ thanks Filo:) +0
:D:D fantastic Frankie :)+1
June 04 2020 22:23:10
FrankieJ thanks ivax:) +0
As a sax player I hear "Tequila". Good fun track.+1
May 29 2020 10:32:45
FrankieJ Didn't think that till you said it but yes. Hard to escape major influences:)
thanks Wade:)
May 29 2020 11:00:51
Wade Not a criticism at all. Plenty of differences, just that older sax players (like me) hear that rhythm and a few of the chords and you can't help but think of it. Same with hearing the "house of the rising sun" chord progression...you hear it, but there are heaps of other songs that use the same chord progression. It's another fine track from you! +2
May 29 2020 11:27:22
FrankieJ I know it is not a criticism. If it were that is ok too.
I enjoy our music conversations:)
May 29 2020 12:37:35
Wade Ah, the limitations of the written word. Can only hope that we have a chance to play live together sometime. +1
May 29 2020 20:11:16
FrankieJ Me too. +1
Real good one. Full of life. :Y+1
June 04 2020 22:22:45
FrankieJ thanks Rob:) +1
super elegant play and beautiful unique composition, FrankieJ! Super :) :Y :Y :Y+1
June 04 2020 22:22:30
FrankieJ thanks hartmut:) +1
Perfect Guitar and Percussion FrankieJ <3 sounds fantastic friend :Y<3:Y+1
June 04 2020 22:22:13
FrankieJ thanks Charli:) +1
It's good that's what :)+1
June 04 2020 22:21:58
FrankieJ thanks Mark:) +1
yeah I hear a hint of Tequila also. wish I had some. anyway great guitaring my friend:W:Y:D+1
May 29 2020 20:24:38
FrankieJ Ah yes with a little salt and lime.
thanks Mike:)
May 29 2020 20:32:49
Mikebanez fun old song:D +1
I’m certain it’s fantastic though Frankie<3:)+1
June 04 2020 22:21:38
FrankieJ thanks Peter:) +1
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