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Oh baby since I met you I won’t lock my heart away. Oh baby can’t forget you, I won’t lock my heart away. ‘Cause you came into my life like a sunlit sky and you brightened up my days, and I’ll never ever know the reason why but I’m hoping that you’ll stay. Won’t lock my heart away, won’t lock my heart away, won’t lock my heart away. Oh baby since I met you, I won’t lock my heart away. ...
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old school motown


Sounds like a hit from another era, when I was young ;)+4
wonderful template and nice song to groove and tap the feet on the floor.
well done! :)
niiiiiiice :) feels like back in the years !! very cool vocals and catchy lyrics => great song :D
this should be mixed properly btw !
June 05 2014 21:06:52
Shi thankyou Oliv and yes, I know my mixing isn't too fabulous ;) +1
June 05 2014 21:11:44
OliVBee hehe its not what i meant :) ... to achieve a proper mix you'd need all the stems ... and i was also speaking wikiloops wise : how could a drummer try to join in this setup ? +0
Wonderful feeling. Feel like dancing...+3
muito cool+3
thanks to Rick for this fab track....you know, I just HAD to :)+2
June 05 2014 22:24:31
Rickplayer you are very welcome +1
Wow... thats awesome! Very tasteful backing Vocals!!! Leadvocals great as always! :) I´m in love with your voice! Did you know that? ;)+2
Real motown sound!!!...Double good Job ... :)+2
Those Motown cats knew a thing or to about making contagious music….
& apparently our very own Shi is right THERE as well !! cool tune Shi, as always… ;)
June 05 2014 21:06:15
Shi real kind of you to say :) +0
fun :) good work+2
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