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My own composition and mostly true. Inspired by my conversation with Keith about our love for Merle Haggard music...and of coarse the music of Hag.
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Country, Merle Haggard, Acoustic, Fiddle


June 03 2020 11:32:01
wjl Wondering where that freight train goes...
June 03 2020 14:33:52
bluvation :W:) +1
What a great sound...hooked me right in <3:D<3+2
June 03 2020 20:02:15
bluvation Thanks Tu, I appreciate it :W<3 +1
Now you gotta know I love this one Gerry. Excellent all the way around<3<3
June 03 2020 20:06:10
bluvation Well I thought you might like it, it's always nice knowing my love of Merle Haggard music is shared by someone else buddy. :W<3<3 +1
Terrific song and music Gerry!!<3:W<3+1
June 03 2020 14:28:23
bluvation Thank you Dorothy :W<3<3 +1
Wonderful music<3:D+1
June 03 2020 07:36:20
bluvation Thanks David, glad you like it :W<3 +1
Very cool one Gerry :)+1
June 03 2020 14:29:54
bluvation Thanks Wolfgang, I love your freight train picture too. :W:)<3 +1
:Y :Y :Y very nice song, Gerry! :)+1
June 03 2020 22:04:11
bluvation Thanks Hartmut, I'm happy you like it:W<3 +1
June 03 2020 22:26:26
hartmut you're doing guitar, keys and vocals already, but who is playing this violin? it does not sound syntetic. everything in your song is so expressive, so wonderful, thanks a lot for sharing. I found music from merle haggard and will dig into tomorrow when I am having my fresh air walk +1
June 03 2020 22:51:32
bluvation Thanks hartmut, well the fiddle is played by a pro musician Stuart Duncan, these loops are part of some real tracks I own that you can adapt to most chord progressions. I've been researching ways to adapt my synths to produce a similar sound I can play using my keyboard. It's a completely different sound to that of a regular violin and one I'm enthusiastically working on.:) This video I found interesting on how the fiddle sound is achieved. Playing open strings along with the melody notes is part of it.
June 05 2020 12:03:28
hartmut nice tutorial, I've learned something about fiddling and "throwing in additional notes" from open strings, which are matching the key of the piece ;) interesting! And congrats You've achieved to enrich your audio studio and being able to integrate wonderful fiddle play into your songs, it's superb! :) +1
June 05 2020 15:02:03
bluvation Thanks hartmut, I think we have a common interest in this kind of stuff, I probably spend more time watching tutorials on various aspects of folk and country music technique, always trying to improve mine which at my age is a little late :) +1
June 05 2020 16:53:04
hartmut violins are tremendous instruments, they so wonderfully get the vivid soul into so many songs +1
June 05 2020 18:46:18
bluvation I agree +1
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