A Beautiful Day in a Beautiful Way

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I absolutely fell in love with this track when I heard it, so selfishly just want to be a part of it. It's certainly no better for my being in there, but hopefully you will excuse my indulgence.


Hi Wade, you were not selfish at all and I'm glad you grabbed your sax and made this wonderful contribution! I like it a lot, thank you, friend! :)+2
June 05 2020 22:15:57
Wade I'm hoping to play along with a number of your fine tracks, but am notoriously slow at getting them back. Thanks so much for this wonderful music. +1
Lovely Wade. A lovely track too which I've entirely missed.+2
June 05 2020 22:17:42
Wade Well, you haven't missed it now. So good to have you check it out. I could easily picture you adding to some of Cantaloopoo's tracks. +1
It’s a beautiful track and certainly all the better with you being an integral part now, I like how you have woven into the fabric of it
Congratulations all of you<3
June 05 2020 22:13:41
Wade Thanks Peter. You know how some music just goes deep into you. This one has that quality for me. Maybe I'll redo it and get it better next time. +0
Very nice Wade.+1
June 05 2020 22:14:33
Wade Thanks Rob. Your take on this is also very beautiful. I guess we both respond to the same sort of tracks! +1
June 05 2020 22:15:38
ROBJOL I think so... and is a very good thing. +1
June 05 2020 22:15:01
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny. Always appreciated when you come to visit. +1
Its so fascinating to me to hear the sax played so differently by individuals here...it really opens my ears up to an instrument Ive always admired but underrated. Very cool indeed more like a guitar soloist than I realized.<3+1
June 05 2020 22:22:01
Wade You probably have no idea how much your feedback means to me. I've poked and provoked sax players on web sites encouraging then to play in modes/styles other than trying to sound like the cliche of jazz sax players from 60 years ago. It's a marvelous instrument that has enormous potential versatility. +2
June 07 2020 22:28:05
Ivanovitch That's music to Wade's ears, Tu. He's a one man campaign to guide sax players to realise the potential of their instrument.

He's taken on a mammoth task
June 07 2020 23:56:12
Tu Well he has educated my ear.<3 +2
June 10 2020 07:20:45
Wade Thanks again to you and Ivan. Hopefully he appreciates, unfortunately I know that others don't. +1
Beautiful Wade<3+1
June 05 2020 22:22:21
Wade Thanks so much Marc. Very kind of you. +1
Sir Wade, you delight my heart with this lovely add. Everything is there : softness, sound, melodic sense, voicings,... Bravo <3+1
June 06 2020 13:02:36
Wade It was following you that inspired and drew me in. You're such a fine player. Glad you're OK with the add. +1
Nice job. Gives another dynamic to the song. well done.+1
June 06 2020 13:03:15
Wade I'm once again enjoying your fine playing and hope to be on many more tracks with you. Thanks for your encouragement. +0

Lovely & peaceful sound, Wade :o

Super playing here <3

Beautiful track, mates :)
June 10 2020 01:11:09
Wade Thanks so much. All credit to those who created this wonderful track. +0
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