Terra Queimada -

acoustic Guitar:
Al-Fadista39 jams
United States
rp3drums709 jams
step II
Ernie4402932 jams

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+ 10
Great latin flavor jam from Alex and Ray, thanks for the fun of adding some low end to this cool track ... nice playing fellas! :W:D


:WOh Yeah Bro great playing....I like the sound of these Latin folk tunes, dancing señoritas and cerveza gratis as long as its not:o Corona Lol:W:D:)+2
June 05 2020 14:15:37
Ernie440 LOL! that's funny! Thanks a lot Peter!! :D:D +1
June 05 2020 20:44:07
Al-Fadista Or dancing cerveza and señoritas gratis :D +2
June 05 2020 21:39:29
Ernie440 lol .. that's would work too Alex! :D +2
Great add bro nice track almost sounds a little like the song Willard we did very cool:D+1
June 05 2020 14:55:40
Ernie440 Thanks buddy, yeah it does, had a bit of a latin flavor too, that was a cool song you wrote!! #138889 Great story about Willard the pacifist .. I don't blame him for jumpin that train! :O:D +0
I havent got anything better to do right now than to listen to fine original music performed by seasoned musicians. Gee Ernie I think we're on to something here! Anyway Im just trying say I dig your bass and I feel lucky to find da loops.:o:D<3:)+1
June 05 2020 16:05:37
Ernie440 Awesome comment, yeah it's pretty cool I agree!! Great cool day for gardening too .. thanks so much Tu :D;):Y<3 +1
Yessss ... this is a very cool tune, good to hear some uptempo pieces from time to time. (We acoustic guitar players tend to keep it slow). Apeshit thight, cool playing guys, a great combo you formed here! :W:W+1
June 05 2020 17:46:03
Ernie440 Thanks my friend, very kind, I do like the acoustic tracks!! We'll do one soon! :W +0
June 05 2020 19:23:22
Cantaloopo Looking foreward to it! :D +1
Sounds amazing bro. Thanks for joining the resistance! Hahahaha+1
June 05 2020 17:45:30
Ernie440 :| I did?? ... if you say so bro ... damn that was easy!! LOL man :D Great choice of music Ray! and play! :W +1
June 05 2020 21:07:19
rp3drums Thanks. Yeah, I did it for ya. Haha +1
June 06 2020 02:39:53
Ernie440 :D +0
Nice, Ernie! :)+1
June 06 2020 02:39:40
Ernie440 great track from you Alex, thanks man! :D +1
Fantastic, Ernie! :) your bass adds the soul of this song+1
June 06 2020 02:39:25
Ernie440 thanks again hartmut!! :D:D +1
:W fantastic Ernie :D+1
June 06 2020 02:39:15
Ernie440 kind thanks amigo!! :D +1
Excellent bass lines that help divert from the endless strumming. His solo is good, maybe a vocalist will jump in?+1
June 06 2020 02:39:05
Ernie440 Danke sire, yeah that would spruce things up .. some vox! :O:W +1
June 11 2020 12:53:29
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 thanks brudda Lenny! :D +1

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