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This my second guitar recording. I first made the backingtrack on the guitar then the flute. It wasen't that easy to play along . I think because of the silent parts I had to put in other wise the rhythm didn't worked out can't blame enyone but my self.:). I keep on trying.


Well I like your little song its charming <3+1
June 05 2020 20:53:05
Navota Thanks for listening Tu :) Hope your fine. +1
this is so pretty :)+0
Very nice. :)+0
June 05 2020 21:27:55
Navota I do my best with the few Ican play there are so manny of them my hands won't play.:( +1
June 05 2020 21:43:23
ROBJOL It is good to try new things. This is why WL exists. :W +1
Sounds fine to my ears Navota:) A really lovely enchanting song, it is too<3<3+0
June 06 2020 19:31:32
Navota thanks deezee:) +0
Sounds nice:)+0
June 08 2020 15:14:39
Navota thanks for listening do you think the mix is right . Because when listen on my computer I sounds right . But when I listen on my phono even with headphones can't here the guitar very wel as I'm getting deaf the low tones are getting harder to hear.:o +1
June 08 2020 15:25:25
Pewi I mean the mix is good, maybe the accompaniment would be a little easier with a NAF in a different pitch. (Unfortunately, I can't tell you what pitch fits, I've tried "A", "G", "E", "C", "F sharp" and B) +1
June 08 2020 16:55:04
Navota I Used a B +1

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