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I found this 25 year old track that I wrote and played all the multiple tracks on (lots of overdubs). Unfortunately all the parts to this are long gone or it would have been nice to post only the beginning of it all. This was recorded with the first version of n-Track Studio (memories). I was hesitant to share it, but there is some room for possibly a vocal or other instruments. So although it may seem complete, maybe someone ...
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pop, ballad, drums, guitar, bass


Super track Bruce:D:D+1
June 07 2020 22:55:07
Psycho Sure was a surprise to find it. Thanks very much David :) +1
Great composition and performance too<3+1
June 07 2020 22:54:31
Psycho Thanks my friend <3 +1
Classic stuff.. not bad sound wise for such an old track, cool buddy!! :W+1
June 07 2020 22:54:11
Psycho Thanks Ernie, I cleaned it up a bit :) +1
very cool tune, Bruce! :W:)+1
June 07 2020 22:53:32
Psycho Thanks very much jjdf :) +0
that's a cool track Bruce :) still sounds so fresh like you made it yesterday :) and that solo...classic Bruce sound there+1
June 07 2020 22:52:36
Psycho Well Shi, maybe I should have mentioned in the description that I did filter it digitally last night. And also ran it through a 4 band compressor, which really changed the clarity. Thanks for the kind words. Memory Lane for sure !! +1
Still sounds good today. I've got a box of old reel to reel tapes from the 70's and nothing to play them on. Live recordings of my old bands. I might not want to hear them hehe:D
Nice one Bruce:)
June 07 2020 22:47:43
Psycho Yeah, you should. We made old 4 track reel tapes too, but I haven't heard them for years. I'll have to find an old band mate who owned and has the tapes, which might be impossible :o Thanks Frankie :) +1
Lenny Cowler
cool track bro:)+1
June 08 2020 23:37:15
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks Lenny, 25 years ago seems like yesterday... LOL ;) +0
Great track Psy:)+1
June 08 2020 23:36:21
Psycho Thanks Pete, I wish I had saved the pieces. I have lost a lot of stuff that I thought wasn't useful anymore. Who knew wikiloops would come along :) +1
I love it!!! Those solos... The two going on at once and fading out at different times... AWESOME! Great job man!+1
June 08 2020 23:34:08
Psycho Yeah, I had a lot of time to do this stuff back then, and it was so exciting that I found this thing called home recording. I still have fun with it, but time is scarce these days. Thanks for the nice comments Haf :) +1
June 09 2020 04:25:57
Haffast It's a gem! Glad you found it, man! Good to see you! +0
It is good that this composition of yours has not been lost! Many thanks for sharing!!+1
June 08 2020 23:31:41
Psycho I have a lot of this stuff, but there is no room for adds. I was not thinking to keep the building blocks of the tracks from many years ago, and it makes me sick now. I thought maybe this one could be used here, not sure? I thank you for the nice words Pewi :) +1
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