Willow Weep(Guitar&Strings Add)

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Found this acapella folk gem and had to try it, I probably got the chords wrong, Riff Station wasn't a lot of help on this one so just played what I thought fit. I'm not the best at playing by ear but I gave it my best shot and added my Martin and some keyboard strings. Adds welcome


This is so sensitively done. Very special, thank you so much for treating it so tenderly+4
June 09 2020 15:53:05
bluvation Thanks Morgan, your wonderful vocal was a joy to play on. I'm glad you liked it. :) +0
June 12 2020 12:45:15
Wade Hey My Lady, so good to know you're still around. Hope all is good with you. Good to hear this old one from you. +0
June 25 2020 09:36:31
MorganLeFey Hey Wade huggs to you. Yup pottering +1
Sounds great Gerry!! Really nice man! :W:)+1
June 09 2020 07:12:38
bluvation Thanks Ernie, I appreciate it, couldn't pass up a great folk vocal like this:). :W +2
June 09 2020 07:14:15
Ernie440 yes, she's great and you did a wicked job on it! :) +1
June 09 2020 07:20:27
bluvation Thanks Ernie :W +1
Wonderful Gerry & Morgan :) <3+1
June 09 2020 15:49:14
bluvation Thank you Wolfgang :):W +1
The chords wrong? By no means my friend... They produce a terrific atmosphere. Great work, and nearly unimaginable that such a jam can be accomplished without eye contact. I love your works in any aspect. Cheers :)+1
June 09 2020 15:48:42
bluvation Thanks Hartmut, I'm honored by such nice feedback on this one :W<3 +1
Your timing with the vocals is flawless and brings the two together+1
June 09 2020 15:46:37
bluvation Thanks, I appreciate your kind feedback :) +1
I agree with Ernie Gerry. A wicked super cool add.<3:W<3+1
June 09 2020 15:44:23
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, I had a feeling you would like this, your feedback is very much appreciated my talented friend :W<3<3 +0
Super play... It really touches me... really enjoyed it :)+1
June 09 2020 22:26:01
bluvation Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :) +0
Sounds good to me! Acoustic sits the vocals perfectly - nice job!+1
June 09 2020 16:04:17
bluvation Thanks Dan :) +0
Beautiful! I love this kind of folksongs and Morgans voice fits in wonderful! The song sounds like straight from Ireland or GB and reminds me of old folk groups like "Pentangle" and "Fairport Convention" I favored many years ago. Very tasteful guitar work also - it is not easy to put it together with an a capella track! <3+1
June 09 2020 19:35:39
bluvation Well thanks for that, I'm originally from England and love Fairport Convention so I'm honored that you liked it<3 +0
I think you did a great job on this Gerry-I have always loved her vocals and you did justice enhancing the beauty of her voice<3
June 09 2020 22:27:16
bluvation Thanks Keith, glad you liked what I did :W<3 +1
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