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This powerful track should get even more additions! I did a little solo in the second part. Thanks a lot Bruce ("Psycho")


Fantastic Pewi wie du dich hier angeschlossen hast mit deiner Flöte tönt Ausgezeichnet pewis Sound great Job friend <3:W;)+1
June 12 2020 17:11:13
Pewi Vielen Dank Charli! Seit meine Flöte refidiert ist, lässt sie sich leichter spielen:) +1
June 13 2020 05:07:17
Charli56 ;)<3 +0
bei 2:56 wunderschöner Einsatz von Dir! Die Flageolett-Töne gefallen mir super - ist der Ausdruck korrekt? wenn Du die Noten beabsichtigterweise überbläst - , von denen hast Du meines Erachtens mehr als üblich eingesetzt, und diese bereichern das Spektrum Deiner Mittel natürlich um ein Vielfaches! Spitze, Peter! Kriegt man nicht genug davon! :) LG+1
June 12 2020 17:14:04
Pewi Vielen Dank Hartmut. Ich meine, Flageolett-Töne entstehen bei Blasinstrumenten durch das Überblasen. Tatsächlich mache ich das hin und wieder:):) Vielen Dank für Dein genaues Hinhören:) +1
AWESOME Pewi <3 What instrument is that ? It sounds super awesome. great range and super sweet listen ! and lot's of room for adds. I should learn from you in that regard :) Thx for sharing!+1
June 12 2020 17:16:01
Pewi Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it. I played the transverse flute:) +0
Ah... You play with so much emotion and I love your use o chromatics!!!! Your improv has the cool jittery jaggedness that matches this vibe!!!! Excellent, Peter!!!+1
June 12 2020 17:17:12
Pewi Thanks a lot Dan, since the flute has been refed it is much easier to play;):) +0
Wonderful sound density and phrasing quality Peter! :)+1
June 12 2020 17:27:06
Pewi Hi Stef, I am very happy to hear from you:) Thank you very much for your visit. It looks like we have a bit of summer after all. We've been planning holidays in Southern Italy:|:| and now we're going to spend it next year:) +1
June 12 2020 17:31:44
Stef I wish you a wonderful holiday dear Peter! Fortunately, the south of Italy has remained practically free from infection! We hope to find an "almost" normalcy! :) +2
Fantastic :W+1
June 12 2020 22:55:36
Pewi Thanks a lot! +0
You are always surprising... This flute chorus takes us back in the 60s. Bruce could not find a more beautiful addition than you for this style :)
June 12 2020 22:56:20
Pewi Thank you, I'm glad you like it! +0
Great flute peter!!
It's very cool on rock tracks:):W
June 13 2020 11:31:24
Pewi Many thanks for the motivating words! I like this kind of music very much:) +1
Oh yeah Pewi... I wasn't so sure what else could be done with this and blend right in. Well you sure did with that great flute playing of yours. Many thanks for reviving this to a new level :) :) :)+1
June 13 2020 11:32:14
Pewi Thanks a lot, I'm really glad you like it! I just hope someone else will join us.:) +1
June 13 2020 22:42:36
Psycho Yeah, you left room which I didn't think was possible. Again, great job :) +1
Oh man, what a superb add... You raise the flute playing way beyond par. So expressive. Bravo my Friend! <3:D+1
June 13 2020 11:33:30
Pewi Hi Brian, I am always happy to read your comments thank you so much for that:) +1

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