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I've found old recordings that I have cleaned up the best I could. This is the second one I've put up that I made from scratch. Most of the stuff I did years ago has no room for anything to be added. This one has some room so I'm going to share it, and see what happens now that wikiloops owns it =)
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pop, ballad, guitars, drums, bass


Doesn't matter that it's a full track. Good of you to want to share it with us. Thanks.+1
June 13 2020 22:54:23
Psycho Thanks Wade... I have a million of them, but I know the point of this place is to share parts, so there is some guilt :) +0
June 14 2020 01:26:15
Wade Maybe I should feel guilty then too for NEVER posting a template? Or be guilty of not leaving room for others and taking on the melodic line? Naw, guilt is a waste of emotions. We should know that it's no more than a click of a mouse if we aren't entertaining what is there to feel guilty about? +0
June 14 2020 04:26:08
Psycho How about hesitant? :| +1
June 14 2020 04:45:17
Wade Hesitation is temporary...or it becomes handcuffs. +1
Super composition Bruce:D:D+1
June 14 2020 04:33:06
Psycho It was a recent discovery of old CD's I made. Many cool tracks on it that were better written, but bad quality. Thanks for the nice words my friend :) +1
Great to hear bro! Great music!+1
June 14 2020 04:30:57
Psycho I think I had better melodic ideas back then... maybe I should study my younger self... LOL... Thanks Ken :) +0
Sounds like a classic I havent heard for awhile.I like the tune <3+1
June 14 2020 04:28:37
Psycho Well Tu, just look at me, I have classic written all over myself. Time flies... Thanks <3 +1
:W fantastic Bruce :)+1
June 14 2020 04:27:20
Psycho Thanks Amigo Buddy :) +0
Fantastic Your Template Psycho great job friend :Y<3;)+1
June 14 2020 04:26:47
Psycho Thanks Charli :) +1
June 16 2020 00:32:08
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks my friend :) +1
Cool that you share this track with us!:)+1
June 18 2020 20:01:47
Psycho Thanks dear friend:) +1
this sounds cool Bruce, nice lead guitar as well, has your distinctive sound :)+1
June 20 2020 21:54:37
Psycho Thank you... another oldie :D +1
Thank you for this insight into your early composing. It gives me an idea of how you have developed. A pleasure to hear that :)+0

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