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A special project: A friend of mine - VV (Dirk Lendemans) is a poet and under the pressure of Covid19 he started a series of poems under the name "Viral Verses". I took the Viral Vers "Alles wird gut" "Everything will be fine", one of the more optimistic ones to make a song out of it. It's in German language of course and I tried to translate it for the lyrics section .. but it is very raw .. of ...


Sehr schön, trotz der "curse words" :)+1
June 14 2020 08:09:35
Offfocus :) Danke dir!! Ich liebe seine Gedichte .. Und kam so überraschend - ich kenn ihn schon lange, ist ein Kollege - ich wusste gar nicht, dass er schreibt! +1
June 14 2020 08:53:39
wjl Der Schluß ist toll - "nicht allein" hat was von Sting's "Message in a bottle" find ich :) Sehr positives Gefühl, das... :) <3 +1
<3<3 Wonderful Patrik,:W+0
June 14 2020 08:12:19
Offfocus Hey Xavi, my friend .. thanks a lot for your support .. +1
June 14 2020 22:56:30
ivax :) it is always a pleasure to hear you sing +0
Sehr schön deine Gitarre und Gesang Offfocus.Perfekter Sound und Mastering. Einfach sehr schön zum hören und geniessen tolle Arbeit Freund <3;)<3+0
June 14 2020 08:11:54
Offfocus Hi Charli, danke dir!! Bin gespannt, ob Ihr Loopers noch was draus macht. Habe selber noch drums und Gitarre reingespielt.. aber pffft .. naja .. hier gibts ja so coole Musiker!! +1
June 14 2020 08:10:45
Offfocus Hi Bo .. thanks a lot!! Happy you like it! +0
awesome song!!!:W+0
June 14 2020 08:10:21
Offfocus Hi Joao, thank you!! I am very happy you like it, my friend! +0
I think your vocal interpretation of these very meaningful lyrics is really good Pat and convey so much feeling and emotion, nice guitar as well.+0
June 14 2020 10:21:36
Offfocus Thank you so much, Shi .. Happy you stopped by!! :) +0
Rundum toller Song ;o) Du bist zu beneiden um einen Kollegen der so tolle Texte schreibt, ich hoffe da gibt es bald noch mehr zu hören ;o)+0
June 14 2020 15:50:24
Offfocus Hi Uli, ja das ist wirklich super schön und da ist eine Freundschaft entstanden .. super cool! Ich habe schon ein weiteres Gedicht vertont, habe aber ncoh keine ok von ihm, es hier hochzuladen :) +0
Nice vocals and music !!+0
June 17 2020 22:22:36
Offfocus Thank you so much! +1
sehr gut gemacht :) :W+0
June 17 2020 22:22:50
Offfocus Hey Hartmut, danke dir!! :) +1
another powerful lyric from VV and I like the way you sing them Pat. Your guitar sounds lovely too. Thumbs from me :)+0
June 17 2020 22:24:01
Offfocus VV has written so wonderful and touching poems .. I am totally impressed, especially since he is a colleague and I didn't know about his writing .. and now we are doing arts together .. that's what makes life cool! +0
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