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Thanks for the very happy and funny template, mates :o I really had fun playing on it :D :Y Thank you for the attention :)


You're trying some interesting contrasts to basic accents of the guitar and drums. I've got to admit that reinforcing those accents could have added more. A few wrong notes in the slow section as well (2:41). May as well be honest? It's a wonderfully happy track as you say and I think you had fun with it, but also think you could have used your fine talent to have done this one better.+1
June 20 2020 11:09:30
magirtiko :D

Hi Wade, pardon the delay ... I was away for business :)

Well, you know I appreciate sincerity, and honestly I have to take my responsability: it's not a couple of unwanted notes :D

I tried to play some dissonances with the guitarist :D

I think the result it's not so bad, but maybe I had to play on a higher registry to avoid the harmony changes which my basses caused!

I could have played the right notes, as you underlined, I choise to do that to try to make the final a little spicier :D

Very glad for your feedback and the attentions you take on my tracks, Wade <3

Thank you so much for that :)
really perfect line with great sound:):W+1
June 20 2020 10:59:53
Lenny Cowler
magirtiko Yeah :W

Thank you so much for the super feedback, Lenny :)

It's very appreciated :Y
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