Little Beastie in a Hot Pan

apsummerlin560 jams
step I
New Zealand
Wade566 jams
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+ 19
Such a fine rhythm track from apsummerlin. Maybe this is a first for me? I don't usually play with just rhythm, but this was so inviting and fun. Hope you enjoy.


wonderful :)+2
June 17 2020 22:52:21
Wade So kind of you to check it out. Cheers! +1
Unusual and wonderfully very fitting....the Charmer Trademark..... so good here, I enjoyed it very much Wade:)+2
June 17 2020 22:54:15
Wade Thanks Peter. If get really adventurous I might try one of your templates. Usually I need tonal/chord references which this sort of has. +0
what a beautiful track of you both ;o)+2
June 17 2020 23:01:51
Wade So good to be hearing from you. Thanks. +0
sounds great+1
June 17 2020 22:55:50
Wade Cheers my man. So good of you to have a listen. +1
Well, your'e like a snake charmer who's trying to calm down those flipping beasties in the pan. A very nice experiment and it functions well. Your slow lines are a nice counterpoint to this fast rhythm track! :W<3+1
June 17 2020 22:57:16
Wade So glad you like. I get the snake charmer thing, or snake like sound a lot. One member here calls me Kaa. +1
a kind of "fable de Lafontaine", Pumbaa & Timon's soundrack.
Such a cool conversation between both of you
June 17 2020 22:59:27
Wade I like the reference to the fables...which one? Thanks Chris. Really appreciate the listen and comment. +0
Wow - that are some nice and interesting scales, wide open for interpretation still; cool! :)+1
June 17 2020 23:00:52
Wade Thanks Wolfgang. It's all spontaneous improvisation, so I have no idea what scales I played but am very glad that you liked it. +1
superb say! very interesting track!<3:Y+1
June 17 2020 23:01:22
Wade Thanks so much Klaudia. Glad you like it. +1
Very good... great direction of travel and like that finish+1
June 17 2020 23:03:03
Wade Cheers Ivan. You ought to know by now it's all improvisation, so I can't take credit for planning anything. Just happy accidents. +0
wonderful soundscape Wade , thanks for the travel<3+1
June 17 2020 23:04:02
Wade As always credit must go to apsummerlin for such a wonderful track. I'm just trying to follow and have fun. Thanks Marc. +2

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