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Syncopation in 6th and 7th bars of section A and in some toher bars around sect. B and C. Bars 7,7,15 and 16 of B section are breaks, fill them the way you like. I left this arrangement the more "naked" is possible just to hear other's musicians suggestion even if, of course, I have my own ideas about it. Good music to you all!
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Acid jazz, Funk, Bossanova


Nice guitar work and template :W+0
June 17 2020 16:57:04
Mauro_Clementi Thanks!
It's my first template in wikiloops and I hope somebody add his/her idea to the track.
I heard some of your songs: very good tunes and a nice voice too.
Greetings from Italy
June 17 2020 19:33:59
bluvation Thanks Mauro and welcome to Wikiloops, your first template was a great one my friend, hope you'll get some nice remixes. :) +0
Very nice :) Welcome to the Loops, look forward hearing more of your guitar :W+0
June 17 2020 17:34:24
Mauro_Clementi Many thanks TeeGee!
Is very stimulating to release my music in wikiloops to be heard by other musicians.
Thanks also for you advise into the chat.
I see you are interested to differents kind of music like me, I heard a real "blues soul" in your playing.
Greetings from Roma
Cool :) And welcome to the 'loops :)+0
June 17 2020 17:42:45
Mauro_Clementi Thanks Wjl!
I began to be addicted with Wikiloops :).
I would like to have more time, than I have, to play around with the all these exciting templates.
very cool template! i like it a lot!:)+0
June 17 2020 18:10:16
Mauro_Clementi Hi Jamlady!
Glad to hear that you appreciate my template.
Greetings from Rome
June 17 2020 18:11:36
jamlady Si, i like it a lot. I will play on this:Y +0
June 17 2020 18:14:01
Mauro_Clementi Can't see the time to hear your add.
Many many thanks :)
June 17 2020 18:16:48
jamlady :) +0
very nice guitar sounds Mauro Clementi, welcome to the loops from me :) nice to have you with us :)+0
June 18 2020 10:43:30
Mauro_Clementi Many thanks Shi.
I heard your remixes, your voice's so smooth and caressing :)
Lovely breezy composition well played. Welcome, and I hope to hear more from you.+0
June 18 2020 10:29:31
Mauro_Clementi Thank you Wade!
Greetings from the antipodes :)
<3...Bel lavoro Mauro,ottimo template e benvenuto su Wikiloops...JeanPaul:D:W+0
June 18 2020 20:08:58
Mauro_Clementi Grazie JeanPaul e se ti va aggiungi qualche idea al template.
Buona serata :)
June 18 2020 20:13:37
JeanPaul66 :W...anche a te...:W +0

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