2 AM Crumpet Dreams

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So good to step into Frankie's magical guitar world and just flow along.


Ambling together

This speaks of friendship
June 20 2020 07:50:12
DaDumps Hopefully we are all friends in music. I'm especially very fond of Frankie's music and he must be a wonderful person as well. Will we ever meet? Will you and I ever meet? +1
+1 for mentioning crumpets! But really nice, lilting sax with a real dusky quality that sits nicely against the acoustic.+1
June 20 2020 07:50:50
DaDumps Thanks so much Dan. Much appreciated. +0
June 20 2020 07:51:53
DaDumps Thanks Marc! Lack of bass? +1
June 20 2020 07:52:16
DaDumps My sweet AKchen, so kind of you! +0
<3<3 fantastic DD,amigo :)+1
June 20 2020 07:52:50
DaDumps Ah Xavi, so good of you to come around and check this out! Thanks. +1
I'm sitting here at my desk, by the open window. The birds are singing their evening songs which can be heard from my position (on the right ear) ;o)
The dogs lie on the carpet behind me, dreaming and dawning. The fabulous FrankieJ weaves a musical carpet on the guitar and you tell stories with your saxophone, truly a wonderful evening, tonight ;o)
Many thanks to you both for the great music ;o)
June 20 2020 07:53:46
DaDumps So good of you to share your thoughts about this. It's kind of a "life's OK and goes on" sort of tune. You especially get this. +1
So pleasant and gentle sax on the beautiful musical carpet by Frankie <3

Super track, mates :Y
June 23 2020 02:10:01
DaDumps Thanks so much. Very kind of you! +1
Ah this is lovely<3
Enjoyed skipping down the trail with you<3
June 23 2020 02:10:37
DaDumps I can assure you the pleasure is always mine when I get to play on one of your tracks. Thanks to you! +0
Deep phrasing full of meaning that spreads with elegance and taste on the beautiful progression of Frankie!+1
July 05 2020 10:10:13
DaDumps Very sorry for the tardy reply...just saw this! So glad you appreciate these little tunes. Thanks Stef. +0

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