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Tribute to Dame Vera Lynn who just passed way at the young age of 103 What a great singer she was and one of England's most beloved icons and treasures.
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You're putting the acknowledgement for Ms. Lynn into a personal song recording, and I like the idea and your wonderful recording, my friend!+1
June 19 2020 15:45:34
bluvation Thanks hartmut, her importance to the moral of the citizens of Great Britain during WW2 should not go unacknowledged. She was a wonderful singer and will be missed by many. <3 +1
June 19 2020 16:49:01
hartmut I spotify'ed a little bit into her works, wonderful voice, crystal clear and with lots of expressiveness :) +1
June 19 2020 21:30:54
bluvation Yes she had a gift to share for sure. She was born in London's east end where I'm from. in fact in the 70s I lived on the same street where she grew up. +1
A wonderful tribute Gerry-RIP Vera<3
June 19 2020 17:30:55
bluvation Thanks Keith, us Brit's are built to last buddy, 103 :o
I've still got almost 30 years left in the tank :W:)
June 19 2020 19:07:51
kmoon235 At the minimum I hope<3
June 19 2020 19:33:29
bluvation I'm past my sell by date already buddy :D but I like your optimism :W:) +1
Quality tribute+1
June 20 2020 01:25:23
bluvation Thanks, I appreciate it :W +1

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