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Eric's bass flows so well to express his title of how this epidemic challenges us. Since he recorded this almost 3 months ago that message is stronger than ever and for my country we compounded that with the racial injustice that is finally being addressed seriously; I hope it sticks this time. Back to the music... Eric plays so many moods with twist and turns harmonically building tension and reaching so many cool releases!!!! Eric is a Wiki Treasure. ...
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very cool:)+1
June 20 2020 17:53:04
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Lenny!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
Very cool jam Dan! ;)+1
June 20 2020 17:53:42
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Mario!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
This discourse has me on the edge of my seat. You step through this with faultless footwork+1
June 20 2020 17:54:52
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Ivan!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
Love this , Dan!+1
June 20 2020 17:55:12
Itocpogo Thank You very much, my friend!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
Exceptionnal take what you did Dan ! reminds me of these great sax like Charles Lloyd, for example, and so many others... You play here with the big boys!!!
And thanks also to Eric who greatly contributed ! :)
June 20 2020 17:55:48
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Phillippe!!!! I appreciate it your very kind words my friend!!! +0
Ahh Dan, finally Eric and you again, what a highlight! great mix:)+1
June 21 2020 17:26:52
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
Outstanding jazz phrasing Dan! Jazz of high level here! :)+1
June 21 2020 17:27:29
Itocpogo hank You so much, Stef!!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend!!! +1
Dan - :40 to :48 is, in my rarely humble opinion, one of the most beautiful passages i’ve ever heard. your line against Eric’s was in THE right place at the right time at the right pace and I loved it. the intimacy between the 2 voices made me blush. :O 2:51 - i appreciate the way you hung out there waiting..
OK - i’ve heard the whole song now, and now know that :40-:48 was only the first of many stellar segments to a very ambitious project. your level of intensity throughout was inspired and well balanced. Dan, I'm your fan, Anne<3
July 02 2020 16:40:10
Itocpogo I am honored and humbled with your detailed analysis!! Thank You from the depths of my heart!!! I always valued the "people" I played with even more than the music and now that I am real old, I "cherish" it!!! Without other musicians, there is no way to truly connect to the music, to truly be inspired!!!! Same as the first time I heard you sing!!!! I too am your fan...big time!!!! +1

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