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A story of the zest for life from African people ("Ayé Ayo" in Yoruba language)... Big thanks to ArkRockStudio. Enjoy !


This is a Masterpiece because of how well your playing and orchestration tells the story of your title "Life of Joy" (in english). To me Africans and African-Americans have a zest to have joy in their lives because they have been treated horribly at least from the 7th century by conquerors, slavery, colonization. The current "eye opening" institutionalized racial discrimination in the USA make me ashamed to think we have made progress but technology (cell phone cameras, etc) recently captures what seems like daily abuse by whites in power and I did not realize it was so prevalent; and another eye opener is whites like me with no power, more than I thought feel the same way as whites in power that they are superior which I feel is ridiculous and inhumane. Thank You for this Epic music, Phillippe!!!!+2
June 20 2020 20:25:34
Filo974 Thank you very very much Dan !
but in view of current information, I feel so sad...
even if Europe has just officially recognized the slave trade and establish the date of December 2 on this occasion.

But on WL we are not supposed to discuss these things there, so... ;)

Another surprise tomorrow ! hé hé!!!
Great ethnic jam with Titus! Love it the job! ;)+1
June 20 2020 19:49:09
Filo974 Many many thanks friend :) +1
Like the feel+1
June 20 2020 19:50:09
Filo974 you're welcome ! +1
June 20 2020 19:52:22
Lenny Cowler
Filo974 :W:W thanks a lot Lenny ! :D +1
Great job my friend<3+1
June 20 2020 19:48:19
Filo974 Thank you so much Jhon ! +1
So cool and so nice, Philip & Titus - bravo! :Y :)+1
June 20 2020 20:27:08
Filo974 Merci beaucoup Wolfgang !:):) +1
Super propre ce morceau. Entraînant et qui reste dans la tête dès la première écoute. Playlisté <3:W+1
June 21 2020 05:57:41
Filo974 Merci Cassius <3 C'était un peu le but, un truc un peu envoutant, occidental et tribal...
:Y :Y :W
June 21 2020 07:38:59
Cassius Et bah ça marche à fond <3 +1
This is truly wonderful. What a great exotic journey.+1
June 21 2020 06:01:15
Filo974 Sincerely thank you Wade. I try, sometimes, to play things that we don't really hear on WL.

Are you ready for the next journey ? :D
June 21 2020 08:24:49
Wade Very much so! Too bad it all has to be virtual right now. +1
June 21 2020 08:29:49
Filo974 Unfortunately ! +1
Un petit de De "Fela" cette piste :) Super orchestration Filoo !+1
June 21 2020 11:17:05
Filo974 Exact dalon ! Merci pour le compliment :):) +1
great track !! so good add:W+1
June 22 2020 18:29:58
Filo974 Thanks a lot Joao :) +0
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