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I seem to be getting some Mojo back. Thank God! Damn COVID thing just seem to suck the music magic right out of me. Lots of room for accompaniment throughout on this pop love song. Also room for solo from about 1:40-2:00 and again in the Outro from 3:40 to the end. Would love for some Wiki friends to join me. Soooooooo glad to be back!


A oldie sound... very cool song Andrea ;)+1
June 20 2020 19:46:27
ALawrence1 Makes sense, since I'm an oldie. Thanks Bruce. +1
June 20 2020 22:12:02
Psycho Me too, but feel 20 +1
Great to hear you again Andrea-got a 50's feel-love it<3
June 21 2020 18:30:42
ALawrence1 Thanks Keith. Good to be back. +1
June 22 2020 19:45:59
kmoon235 Hang in there kiddo<3 +0
<3<3 Fantastic Andrea :W:W+1
June 21 2020 18:30:25
ALawrence1 Thanks Xavi! +1
this is heart warming! love your mojo,really glad you got some back, so if you see mine please make them deliver it back :D:D....<3<3+1
June 21 2020 21:56:59
ALawrence1 I'll keep an eye out for it:D Thanks Tom. Good to be back. +1
Fantastic Your Pop Template. You have a beautiful voice ALawrence1. Great job :Y<3;)+1
June 22 2020 19:39:10
ALawrence1 Many thanks Charli56. I appreciate the support. Please call me Andrea. Thanks again! +1
I'm glad to hear you Andrea!:D<3+1
June 22 2020 20:01:57
ALawrence1 Thanks Hugo. Just couldn't get excited about music for a while there. But I'm back baby:D:D +1
Great song, great ballad Andrea! So cool! :)+1
June 24 2020 16:38:11
ALawrence1 Thanks Stef! Hope all is well +1

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