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Hi friends .. had some bad maybe even sad news on a friend today .. the outcome of the mood I had after receiving this news is here.. I hope you like it, and one or two of you make music out of it!
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Sehr schöner Track, hat was meditatives ... deinem Freund wünsche ich unbekannterweise alles Gute ... p.s.: Da muss man nicht erst Musik daraus machen, das ist sie längst ...+0
June 20 2020 22:44:57
Offfocus Hey Uli, danke dir! Für dein Komplment und die guten Wünsche für Thomas! +1
super song:W+0
June 20 2020 22:44:03
Offfocus Thanks my friend!! +0
Und so machst Du aus was Traurigem was Schönes, danke daß Du's teilst...+0
June 20 2020 22:43:46
Offfocus Hi Wolfgang, danke dir .. uff. wird langsam 'ne Sammlung. Dieses Stück heißt eigentlich Thomas.. gibt auch schon ne Astrid :( +1
June 20 2020 22:42:38
Offfocus thanks a lot, mr petebass :) +1
this is lovely can say so many things and you don't always have the words, but the <3 is there.+0
June 20 2020 22:42:16
Offfocus Thank you very much, Shi. You're right - I sat down to play some music.. just this one came to the surface .. +0
Beautiful music with great feeling.+0
June 20 2020 22:41:21
Offfocus Hi Rob, thank you so much!! When's your next stay in Krefeld, my friend? +1
June 20 2020 23:04:15
ROBJOL As soon as the planes will start to fly and the external frontiers of Germany are open. +0
sad melody, the pain is appreciated in your sentimental play <3<3+0
June 21 2020 07:15:52
Offfocus Hey Xavi .. thank you so much! Justheard your remix .. <3 <3 +1
It's easy to hear the sadness in this but there is also resolve.+0
June 21 2020 08:44:24
Offfocus hi Wade, I'm happy you stopped by! :) Yes, as soon as you accept the unchangeable, there is color returning into the grey .. Thank you so much, my friend! +1
June 21 2020 08:49:09
Wade Got to admit that every time I hear your music it seems so genuine and from the heart. I'm especially taken with your lyrics and singing. Why haven't I added you as someone to "follow"? ...Now fixed! +0
June 21 2020 09:05:49
Offfocus :) :) That's so nice, Wade!! Thank you very much!! +1
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