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Great track from Ernie, Greg, and Major Tom_III I added a rhythm guitar beginning to end, and an improv intro solo. I also added vocals and lyrics..I used the title on Ernie's and based lyrics around it. Had some fun working on it this morning...Levels probably could be better but posting as is... Thanks for listening.
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metal, rock


F'ing wicked buddy!!! Oh yeah .. that's exactly what I had in mind when I carried on with Greg's original twist on Tom's title. Damn right .. they got it coming .. they're asking for it!! Super lead, singing and play, love it!! :W:D:W Thanks dood!+2
June 20 2020 22:29:51
Major 3rd Thanks bro!!! super happy you liked it..and agreed!!!:o:W:D +0
This is cool... well done Major !!!+1
June 20 2020 22:26:20
Major 3rd Thank you bruce!B) +0
:W fantastic Craig :D:D+1
June 21 2020 02:41:37
Major 3rd Thank you Xavi!:D:W +1
Lyrics, vocals and lead goes perfectly with the backing track. :W:W:W+1
June 21 2020 15:08:26
Major 3rd Thank you bro!:):W +1
Great add Craig vocals and guitar lead. Never too late to buy a crossbow.

In all seriousness, these are very trying times. I can't believe the Decay we have gone through in this country and just the last couple of months. The groups that are out, quote protesting are threatening to destroy us. They are tucked away in those that peacefully protest using their Second Amendment right.
I hope they get the fullest extent of the law. G
June 21 2020 15:07:55
Major 3rd thanks G!! rocking drum add!:) +0
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