Lie Wit Me

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Well..with Frankie, it's pull up a chair :), grab a cup of coffee and see what that brings. Tenor sax and some keyboard flute/keyboard/melody practice. :) Always first class templates from you Frankie :)


Great, I enjoied a lot the listening+1
June 21 2020 18:01:48
Fishinmissio Thanks for stoppin by:D +0
June 21 2020 18:05:12
pber Obviously the istinct was adding a bass, but it was not the case.
Nice playing Fishin
That is so pretty, nice mix<3:D+1
June 21 2020 18:36:30
Fishinmissio Thanks Mike..easy on them Gif's :D +1
June 21 2020 18:41:17
Mikebanez Lie wit me ,Lol +1
The flute is very effective and runs well with the seksy sax+1
A deep and contemplative track, wonderful mix!!!+1
Always an aural pleasure, you combine really well with Frankie.+1
This is lovely friend<3
The flute is very cool. I have the capability for flute with the guitar synth. What you are using here sounds more authentic. Love it:)
June 23 2020 15:07:06
Fishinmissio Native Instruments.. Not as many flute options as opposed to the other instruments however. Some flutes sound more like a synth. And I am still learning that I put a dot on the good note keys, and play away :) LOL +1

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