98 Dias y 98 Noches

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Thanks Ezio,fantastic Drums as always :W:W In this version I have lengthened the drums from the second half to facilitate the development of events :W Fun Time :D:D 98 Days and 98 Nights , have given a lot to think about, especially due to the uncertainty that still hovers above our heads......


Nice Xavi!!! great acoustic play...has a southwestern feel at first then gets some rock n roll going on. great vibe on the solo. ..very much enjoying the listen...cheers!+1
June 22 2020 23:38:06
Major 3rd
ivax :W:W Thanks Craig,amigo :D:D +0
You can lengthen or shorten the tracks as you please my friend, if the results are these. :D<3:W+1
June 22 2020 23:38:43
ivax :W:W thanks Ezio,amigo :Y:Y awesome Drums Yeah!!! :D:D +0
Is it already 100 days? Overhere there is quite some ease....but still uncertain for how long...love tour great guitarwork!!:):)+1
June 22 2020 23:40:32
ivax <3<3 Thanks Tom,amigo,hopefully this pandemic will be curbed, the results so far are chilling +1
What is certain is that music rescues us from the darkness...we NEED to answer the muse and share in the joy of it....my word Xavi listen to what you give freely to the world!<3<3<3+1
June 22 2020 23:41:06
ivax <3<3 Thanks Tu,very happy :W:W Thanks for your support :) +0
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