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The result of my search for an amp sim for rhythm guitar with a metal sound. I'm not a metal player but I like the genre and would experiment more if I can ever find the correct sound for it. So what i ended up with here is a kind of metal sounding rhythm guitar over a hip hop drum loop with birds chirping. Thanks for listening.


Metal, hip-hop AND birds chirping? Couldn't you have come up with something more original, lol? :) You seem to have got the scooped, muted sound right. I love the feel of this - reminds me of the more experimental metal of say, Tool or something. Cool!+4
June 22 2020 22:53:08
FrankieJ :D
I think I now have a clearer understanding why the metal players use 7 or 8 string guitars. Sometimes in combination with detuning a half step down. Guess I will have to get me one of those.
thanks Dan:)
B)I will be hard!:D...excluding the hip-hop drums and the chirping of birds:(, the sound of your guitar reflects the high standard of your magnificent music Frankie:W<3+3
June 22 2020 22:59:01
FrankieJ I like the rhythmic feel of the drums but the drum mix could be better.
Thank you JeanPaul:)
yes ! creative ? check ! a joy to listen to :)+2
June 22 2020 22:31:04
FrankieJ I really punish that E chord :D
Pardon my English but the rhythm just doesn't have the BALLS I was looking for.
thanks Oli:)
June 22 2020 22:33:22
OliVBee i think the unexpected style together makes a nice surprising mix ;) +1
I may try something. I thing it would be fun. :D+2
June 23 2020 10:57:26
FrankieJ A new adventure for me. Maybe a new one for you?
thanks Rob:)
June 23 2020 12:29:35
ROBJOL Absolutely. I never played this kind of music. :) +1
I absolutely dig this!!! Fantastic!!!+2
June 23 2020 11:23:06
FrankieJ Fantastic add from you!
thanks Haffast:)
i like it like it is ;o)+1
June 23 2020 10:04:11
FrankieJ It needs to say something;)
thanks Uli:)
Really special,sounds great,like the birds chirping:D:W+1
June 23 2020 11:06:59
FrankieJ Me too. A splash of tenderness in a rough and tumble environment:D
thanks Marc:)
Ha ha..This is cool Frankie:W+1
June 23 2020 11:19:02
FrankieJ It was fun:) thanks Mark:) +1
Vey, Very Creative!!!! Very cool effects!!!!! Fantastic cool production!!!! So Good, Frankie!!!+1
June 23 2020 11:21:09
FrankieJ thanks Dan:) +0
oh, now this is a different sound from you Frankie, liking that raw edge :)+1
June 23 2020 11:26:38
FrankieJ I think so too:)
thanks Shi:)

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