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Enticing and every so slightly creepy we have this excellent template from Titus Mysterio-Maestro. Tenor sax is added with trepidation.


Great track!
If someone decides to make a movie called "Blade Runner 2020", this one must be the soundtrack.
Maybe I'll try to add some brush strokes of mine to this great template.
June 24 2020 12:16:58
Wade Thanks so much Mauro! Quite a compliment as Blade runner is such an atmospheric classic. +0
Very interesting this sound. So gentle and melancholic and dreamlike. It's nice to hear your Warm Wade Saxophone here. Fantastic this sound. Great job friend<3<3;)+2
June 24 2020 12:14:52
Wade Sax players would just hear "long tone exercises". So glad you find this interesting. Thanks Charli56! +1
Happy to report that your finger is repaired for this fabulous dark track :)
June 24 2020 12:09:38
Wade I wish! I have around 40 tracks recorded and edited that are just waiting to be posted, and another 60+ recorded but not edited yet. I can go about 9 months of posting two a week without recording anything. I don't think it will take that long though to heal. Actually it's pretty good right now, but shouldn't be "pushed". +0
You have many strings to your bow - or should that be keys to your sax? Anyway, a subtle contribution that injects just the right amount of mystery into the atmosphere. Great combo!+1
June 24 2020 12:15:54
Wade Titus, like you, presents such interesting templates that are original and unique. I love the challenge of trying to fit within them. Thanks Dan. +0
Wonderfully and Masterful, Intriguing musical story telling that has the woolly soft/out of focus.... dream state, yet the clarity of recall as if when you suddenly wake from it and intelligently created!+1
June 24 2020 12:18:55
Wade What a neat thing to say! Yes, that's the feel. You get it exactly. +0
intriguing atmosphere, mysterious and tenebrous paths... superb! Wade:W great work:W+1
June 24 2020 12:20:25
Wade Lots of credit goes to Titus as it's his creation that I'm inspired by and just adding to. Was a great track without me, but I'm happy if you think it works. +0
June 25 2020 10:46:56
Wade Cheers Zoot! +0
Ready like cinema track for filming the movie ! great job! :)+1
June 25 2020 10:47:33
Wade Thanks Mario. You know how much I like odd moody pieces! +1
Great soundscape, wunderbar, Arkrock and Wade!+1
June 25 2020 10:48:02
Wade So good of you to check it out. Thanks so much! +0
Mystery and exotic .... musical environments in which your sax juggles like a Synth, but it's you, not a software or electrical components, that shapes the sound like a potter shapes the clay .... the difference is all here. Fantastic add and feeling Wade!+1
June 25 2020 10:49:56
Wade Such acute listening. Many wouldn't hear the subtle tones and nuances or even associate it with the sax.

A Very kind compliment thanks Stef.
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