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One day I surprised Stef with a video visit to his home in Rome. We decided one way to feel better would be to make a song together. I so enjoy the way we collaborate - he listens and knows my heart. When I have doubts, he cheers me up. When I have questions, he offers solutions. I ask the community to forgive me for my non-participation the last year. It's been a doozy of a world. Stefano - ...
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slow love song


Oh Anne, every moment of this song with your Voice and with your interpretation is like a sweet caress and a hymn to Love and there is really a great need ... but a lot!! I can only thank you again for the emotions that you convey in every step, in every nuance, in every note. Unfortunately, beautiful things always last this case only 4 minutes and 9 seconds. It was so beautiful to collaborate together to this my Wonderful Sister! <3+5
June 24 2020 18:58:13
AnneCozean This project had so many interesting issues - I'm glad we took our time finding the best solutions. Whenever I asked your perspective about a question, you never failed to give me an immediate response - clear, concise, confident in how best to bring out the heart of the song. I appreciate how flexible you were regarding editing the original music. It's good to be able to trust one's partner, and that becomes part of the song, as well. So thank you, Stef, for being one so receptive to the Tenderness of the world, and bringing it through to us. Yes, let's aim for a 20 minute song next time. :) +2
Ooooh I am Very Happy to hear You Anne and of course Stefano.....Congratulation Beautiful.... what else was I ever going to say <3<3+2
June 24 2020 18:07:25
AnneCozean Thank you, Peter. Big hugs from afar..<3 +1
June 24 2020 18:08:42
PJE So pleased and Big Hugs to you Too Sister:)<3 +1
June 24 2020 18:09:13
AnneCozean Thank you for your hearts, khangurumc. ;) +1
Now that the world is in trouble! This jam with your wonderful voice is an oasis of peace! Stefano's magic on keyboards has joined with your voice, and beautiful lyrics !! Thanks for singing for us! <3+2
June 24 2020 18:59:40
AnneCozean Thank you for listening, Mario. I've missed you.:) +1
isn't this just lovely :) It's so nice to hear you sing at the loops again Ms Anne, we missed you :) and the sweet keys from Stef, beautiful combination :)+2
June 25 2020 04:45:51
AnneCozean Thanks for checking on me throughout this year's dormant period, Shi. I missed you, too. :) +1
jjdf wonderfull<3 <3+1
June 24 2020 19:02:18
AnneCozean I'm so glad you like us, João!
Both of you are so close to me right now <3
I like how your voice can sound sadness, melancholy... and when the strings come, hope, smile shine <3 <3 <3
June 24 2020 19:15:36
AnneCozean I like how you listen with your big heart, Chris. Stef's powerful build brings the Hope. Good to connect with you, Brother.<3 +2
What a come back Anne ôÔ splendid and really loaded with many emotional colors ! Wonderful vocals for a beautiful collaboration :) thanks guys !+1
June 24 2020 19:23:28
AnneCozean Well hello there, Mr Bee. It's been a long, long time. Thank you for your always ear. :) I've come a long way: just heard a note that made me Twinge, but not Cringe and that's ok. I am dusting my ear off and prepared to wear it out here, happily hearing what i've missed. Hugs from here! +1
June 24 2020 19:25:45
OliVBee Happy you're back on track ! i've missed you :) +1
June 24 2020 19:34:58
AnneCozean i'm gonna superglue my b*tt right here.... +1
June 24 2020 20:18:44
OliVBee Superglue !!! ôÔ We want you to be able to shake whatever shakeable is ! +0
I don't know what to say... I think that so many people would like to be able to express these feelings as well as you do it.
Thanks a lot Anne.
June 24 2020 20:09:39
AnneCozean Rob - it's good to connect through musical hearts. Thank you.<3 +1
June 24 2020 20:10:07
AnneCozean Thank you for the song love, Mike! And for your visit. :) +1

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