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I wanted to do something with the EWI, so I remembered this nice composition of "Mix" and thought that I have a sound that could fit to it. In the last third a little bit of flute. Thanks a lot "Mix" :) Greetings from the EWI- Laboratory


love the kelts and their wind instruments :)
Toll gemacht, Peter!
June 26 2020 16:28:06
Pewi Vielen Dank! Für mich hat diese Musik irgendwie etwas magisches:) +1
June 26 2020 18:02:54
hartmut so gehts mir auch! +1
Toll gemacht peter. Im ersten Teil schaffst Du zusätzlich Atmosphäre in richtung Transzendenz.Gegen Ende zeigst Du dann wohin die Sache geht :)+1
June 26 2020 22:52:18
Pewi Vielen Dank René:) +0
was eine schöne Komposition <3+1
June 26 2020 22:52:41
Pewi Freue mich über Deinen Besuch:):) +0
Wow, I love the sound of this!! You've created an enchanting atmosphere and the flute sounds fantastic - Thanks so much for your remix, Pewi! :)+1
June 26 2020 22:53:59
Pewi Vien thanks for the nice comment and for your great template (I am looking forward to your next work);):) +0
It's fine to hear how the flute goes together with the guitar:)+1
June 28 2020 11:40:24
Pewi Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it:) +1
As usual Pewi , it was great.B)+1
June 28 2020 11:41:02
Pewi Thank you very much, as usual I am happy about your visit:) +0
Sehr schön deine Flöte hier und anderes instruments. Sehr related Pewi. Tolle Arbeit friend <3:Y;)+1
June 28 2020 11:41:36
Pewi Vielen Dank Charli, freue mich über deine positive Rückmeldung:) +0
this is great lines!!!Peter!! great sound my friend !!! beautiful to listen to... <3+1
June 28 2020 12:54:42
Pewi Thank you so much:) +0
Sensational "production", Peter!!! By production I mean the thought I hear you put in to making this a melodic Wonderful journey exploring your both instruments to create the BEST music possible and you succeeded my friend!!!!+1
June 30 2020 17:59:02
Pewi Thanks a lot for your motivating comment!:) +0

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