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Thanks to all the friends who in recent years have played with me on wikiloops and given visibility to my traces of drums.After many years I am preparing to change the city of residence and lifestyle. Faced with these events, my age suggests that I abandon my chopsticks and close with the experience of a lifetime. I will still play, of course, but only in an amateur and discontinuous way. Thanks in particular to Xavi, Major 3rd and Ernie who ...


Your drums have given me many hours of fun with my guitar and even some singing. stay well my friend you know where to find me. :W amicizia+1
June 30 2020 00:18:14
ivax <3<3 +1
<3 Thank you Ezio, I hope and wish the best for you, it has always been a pleasure to play with your wise drums, thank you for all the moments we have played together,Live Rock,amigo :W:W+0
Bravo EZ!:D+0
:Wciao Ezio, non ho mai suonato con te ma qui è come nei film, non si invecchia mai e il tuo lavoro sarà apprezzato per sempre...anche dal sottoscritto. In al bocca al lupo...JeanPaul:W+0
C'mon dude... age is not an excuse... actually there's no excuse other than "i'm totally quit life"... music is life my friend. Keep the pace and it will come back inside your spine!
Anyway, it's your life and thank you for all the great drummin' :W
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