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My lead jam here! Sorry to be pushy with the Duduk sound but it has fascinated me .... for this type of jams. Feel free to edit the HD track and cut it to your liking if you want to play with this sound and your instrument, it is only the main track of the sound without double mixes
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Yeah, now this is really good! The tone fits perfectly and the way you played it (on keys, yeah?) sounds very realistic to my ears. Lovely add!+2
June 30 2020 19:28:59
GlezBass Glad you like it as template author. Trigger the sound with a Harley Benton humbucking pickups guitar equipped with MIDI with SONUUS monophonic interface ... it sounds strange to play a stringed wind sound but it responds very well to the dynamics if you don't play very fast
beautiful addition Mario sounds blend with the track:W+1
June 30 2020 19:08:50
GlezBass sound good for my ears in this style "electro-ethnic" tracks :), leave the previous track with the bass line for other ideas from the great musicians on this site :D +1
Love it ! And yes, thinking about trying a combinaison, but I don't know which instrument would be the most suitable. Maybe something higher? Japanese shinobue? Whistle? I'll try with harp anyway, but not sure that it can match. Interesting experience. :)+1
June 30 2020 19:17:38
GlezBass any idea is welcome !! You have the previous track without a soloist or you can edit my HD Duduk track eliminating what is not convenient in your idea, it is the essence of Wikiloops !! no problem editing my HD track to your liking! I am really a bass player with the soul of a multi-instrumentalist and I can only access wind sounds through VST, with the keys and strings I feel more comfortable he he +0
lovely template from Dan and you have added some really nice touches here Glez:)+1
June 30 2020 21:48:23
GlezBass Many thanks Shi! +1
Wow, Mario - cool idea! I like it a lot<3+1
June 30 2020 21:48:05
CI Section
GlezBass Many thanks Martin! :) +1
Beautiful Mario<3+1
July 01 2020 10:00:14
GlezBass Many thanks Marc! +1
<3<3 Fantastico Mario :)+1
July 01 2020 23:21:01
GlezBass Me alegro de que te guste amigo!! A lo mejor esta tambien #193499 ;) +1
July 01 2020 23:31:47
ivax <3<3 seguro que me gusta,luego la escucharé tranquilamente :D:D +1
July 01 2020 23:33:12
GlezBass ;) +1
Easy to love the sound of the duduk (which I play... poorly). The keyboard type you're using unfortunately has a tendency to increase volume then cut sharply. Not as it should be. Might be worthwhile to see if you can find a more realistic program. When played (by a real player) it's not just a sound/tone, it's how it's played and the flow of notes, variation in vibrato, and "slurs" that makes it special. All of that is unfortunately absent. Here is a recording of THE MASTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkvGtBVYKxo&list=PLel5cxQXTbzduVVIiqilRV01c1cJD7nnu&index=1

He's my inspiration and hero! You can be too...at times. Ha!
July 02 2020 10:34:12
GlezBass "He's my inspiration and hero! You can be too...at times."" ha ha ha thanks Wade!
Consider it to be a free VST instrument and my zero knowledge of wind instruments! In other paid VSTs that articulation is much better achieved, but nothing replaces a good human interpretation !! for me to be able to play with the sound even if it is "mutilated" is already an achievement ;)
July 02 2020 10:48:05
Wade What was very good was what you played. Could have been any instrument. What makes the duduk so special is the way it's played. The notes from you were excellent. Maybe would have sounded better as another instrument? +1
July 02 2020 10:51:03
GlezBass yess perhaps..., but I fell in love with the sound ... love at first sight! :D +1
Sounds fantastic Mario, great sound :W+1
July 06 2020 18:49:09
GlezBass Many thanks franky! +1
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