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Loved Mike's piano as soon as I heard it - and thought that again a double bass would probably be best for it. But since I still don't own one, I played the both Karoryfer Meatbass and my fretless on it. Hope you like it. HD are the basses with count in as always.


moody and cool this combination mike and Wolfgang. Could be a theme for a dark drama .....+2
June 30 2020 22:13:20
wjl Thank you dear Shi for your kind comment - I'm so glad if you like it :) +0
Beautifully atmospheric and great feeling in your playing, enriched with you Wolfgang<3:)+2
July 02 2020 09:38:12
wjl Thank you dear Peter - I'm so glad if you like it :) +1
Moody and beautiful marriage of bass and piano. Bravo mi bro! <3;)+1
July 01 2020 10:08:04
wjl Thank you very much Brian - I'm so glad if you like it :) +0
Wow. I love it! I almost see the movie before my eyes: A man is walking thru the rain, it's dark in a strange anonymous forest with a house on the horizon. You rock!+1
July 02 2020 09:38:52
wjl Thank you Mike - and I'll have to give the compliment right back to you; it's your track & piano here :) +0
Wow, das klingt fantastisch!!:)+1
July 03 2020 20:32:43
wjl Danke Peter - freut mich wenn's Dir gefällt :) +1
Tears of joy !!!+1
July 05 2020 18:41:15
wjl Merci beaucoup Philip! :) <3 +1
Very clever sound engineering. Double bass bowed is a very screechy beast. This is much better.+1
July 06 2020 10:49:18
wjl Thank you Wade :) I'd still be glad to have a real one and a bow as well instead of a virtual one - totally differs in handling from a keyboard of course... :) But yes, bowing is an art in itself... :) Glad if you liked my add, and thank you for your kind comment :) +1

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