Imagine When I'm Gone

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Beautiful piece from Heidi. From 2017


My friend lately you have been outpouring even more emotions into the music, I think there could be no better way to enhance this beautiful song than how you have played on it Frankie....all else I can say is Bravo<3+5
Frank...:)<3 No more words to say to you already said+2
July 05 2020 06:11:21
FrankieJ thank you titi:) +1
Peter has said it well. Hopefully your current lovely output is fueled by positives.+2
Beautiful Frank & HeidiMarie :) <3+2
Just wonderful! :)+2
Oh My Goodness Me! This is absolutely beautiful, such an emotion-filled piece. Thank you Soooooo much for sharing this. I cannot begin to say how much I am enjoying listening to this but, suffice to say, all me emotions are grateful to you for putting this on here. Musical Genius at its purest form! <3 :)+2
what a great addition! WOW<3+2
Apologies for the late reply I did however share it on my Facebook with my audience when I received the notification you uploaded your remix. I really appreciate the wonderful additions you have added and created another masterpiece with your brilliant guitar playing. Congratulations is well deserved you are extremely talented. Am honoured what you have done. 💯 <3+1
July 20 2020 10:01:13
FrankieJ Beautiful work from you. I'm honored to be a part of it here.
thanks Heidi:)
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