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improvising by ear on this backing, to let the creativity flow and practice my ears.
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A newer Version of Easy Listening with me doing a Sax Backing


Hi Koen and welcome! Nice melodic flow, smooth tone on your sax.
For the others: That's a game we had on Saxontheweb forum, that Wade started once to promote a more creative and ear-oriented way of playing for standard oriented traditional jazz players there.
So you came to the right place, Koen :)
June 12 2014 12:48:31
Koen_88 Hi Lutz. thanx for the welcome and compliments. I liked the concept from the start. And it was actually what I allready did sometimes with music that inspired me. for me its one of the most relaxing ways of playing :-) +0
Nice add, welcome!+1
Nicely done Koen :)
There might be a problem of mixing thu I have the saxophone only in one ear?
June 12 2014 12:45:16
Koen_88 Oh damn, I thought I balanced it out. my condenser mic. only records one channel.

but thank you, for the compliment!
You play a sweet and secure, full sound.+1
well done and nicely played+1
So glad you found your way here as You'll find lots to inspire you. Fine playing on this one.+1
June 14 2014 23:41:52
Koen_88 thanks wade! I'm still finding my way here actually, figuring out the works.. and thanks for the compliment! +1
Fantastic ... I can't stop to listen it ... very nice sound!+1
June 14 2014 23:42:12
Angel Doe
Koen_88 thank you for the compliment! +0
Good job and a great tone you got there! Welcome to Wiki+1
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