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More fun with my pet virtual bass! No idea what genre this is - has elements of folk, country, jazz, electronica, trip hop and maybe a sniff of dub. But it's slow, of course :)
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Trip Hop Jazz Folk Country Electronica!!


11 seconds in and I downloaded it already Dan, whatever genre it is, it is definitely cool and DanDiplo styleeeee :)+3
:Y:Y fantastic Dan :D:D+2
I don't know what genre it is, but it sounds great!:W:W It has a Reggae feel!B)B)<3+2
Cooool Dan....Such a great inviting music for a song, interesting mix of genres too kind of Jambient Regstep to me:D<3+1
Wow - smash hit potential...
Waiting for Shi to add ;)
What a groove and some neat bits when you change it up. You are on a real creative roll, Dan!+1
What a great set up! Clear template that's open for one and all. So good of you.+1
fantastic :)+1
super template dan:):W+1
Aah, I´m chillin´...
Great template, thanks for sharing!
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