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Hey Loopers of the ether! Despite all this time at home, I've just not had my playing mojo, barely touching my drums in the last four months so hence my absence (once again!). Those of you who know me on Facebook will also know that personal circumstances continue to keep throwing curveballs at me which isn't helping me get back on the saddle either! Anyway, happened across lonely-looking track so chucked a bit of jammed jazz-funk/hip-hop crossover drums on it. Could ...


Very Groovy....cant wait to put on the headphones amd listen. Maybe come ba k at you with a bass line. Thx for hitting on my track.+0
It's wonderful to be hearing from you again. Just yesterday I was wondering about you and hoping you're OK. You definitely haven't lost your fine sense of rhythm and meticulous ways of drumming.+0
Sounds great Martin!! :W:D Welcome back!+0
Perfect mix, love the drums & everything+0
a treat to listen to a new one from you :) ups and down are what makes us humans ? welcome back home buddy !+0
Well, you sure haven't lost you personal touch... sounds awesome :) Be safe and hope things get better !!+0
You play misery in an upbeat way+0
i'm waiting u but swing ciao+0
Welcome back Martin, now the only way is up!+0
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