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OK. This is not for everyone. It's nearly 12 minutes long and has four chords that just repeat over and over, whilst "fragments" of guitar and other keys float in and out. I'm totally fine with you finding this dull and boring. On the other hand, maybe if I catch you just in the right mood you might find this a kind of transcendental track? One where the repetition creates a mood. Maybe, if I'm lucky. But if you don't ...
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Overlong Repetitive Transcendental


Well could see some heavy rock guitar with this?
I only play keys so ok can simulate it. But ok maybe a option. Some bass notes in distortion always work.
It's superb and yeah awesome Dan :W+1
Thank you! I like your idea of 12 minutes. With me, she raises many questions that I would never have asked myself otherwise. I don't have an answer yet, maybe I'll find it later in the ads.:)+1
this is pretty Dan :) It could be a cool theme for a movie.....+1
<3<3 Fantastic Job,Dan,amigo+1
Brian Eno Music For Airports...similar concept of minimalism...very inspiring <3<3<3+1
July 09 2020 11:01:50
DanDiplo Yeah, definitely take inspiration from that. Also some Philip Glass! +1
Marathon track:)+1
July 09 2020 11:02:17
DanDiplo Indeed! But one you can weave in and out of, if you so wish :) +0
Darn right I like it! Also's long.+1
wow, 11 minutes of coolness! :)+1

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