Apogee Celestial Tango

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Such a wonderful template from Martin and given Mario's wonderful bass treatment. Totally sucked in to this two moon vortex. Sopranino comes and goes throughout.


I really like how your sopranino weaves and soars through the layers here Wade, cool bass from Glez and a super template from CI too :)+4
July 11 2020 04:40:09
Wade So kind of you to give a listen and such a generous comment. So much credit needs to go to CI Section and Mario. This was a great track without me. Hopefully others will give well deserved thumbs there. +1
You know Wade how much I like the sound of his sopranino !! here as always it is outstanding !! It fits perfectly into the sound mix of the jam! Right choice ...+3
Thank you so much for joining in! This gives a totally new character to the track - great intonation which works well!+2
July 11 2020 04:42:30
CI Section
Wade All the thanks is directed back at you and Mario. I just love this track. Kind of you to mention intonation as it's definitely an issue with the sopranino. I think it's the only thing that keeps many more people from playing it. To me the tone is preferable to soprano. +1
Your Sopranino is very well sounding and it is a good idea to have it coming and going. To me such sequenzed electronic tracks usually are not so interesting if it wasn't for you and glezbass weaving your beautiful handmade sounds and melody lines into it. At first I was tempted to add some percussion, but there are already enough percussive elements going on all the time and leave no room for it. :)+1
July 17 2020 00:03:41
philAbust So good of you to give this a listen and respond. Glad you like it and the was the sopranino fits. +0
Wow love this Wade!!<3<3+1
I enjoy your performances but also you lead me to music I may not otherwise find <3 such a rich track <3+1
July 11 2020 01:42:30
Wade So glad you've enjoyed this. CI Section (Martin) is a wonderful musician/composer who hasn't got the recognition he deserves. Worth checking out. +1
just perfect add:W :W :) lovely ambiance!!;) great sound Wade!+1
July 11 2020 01:43:13
Wade So much appreciated that you gave this a listen and liked. Cheers Joao. +0
You ride the vortices well. Naughty little delay to finish+1
July 11 2020 04:45:24
Wade Thanks Ivan. Good image of surfing the sonic vortices! That's kind of how I feel when playing this kind of track. The delay is covering my cutting off too soon...lazy me couldn't be bothered to record it over. +1
super Wade! Wonderful playing on your sopranino saxophone :W
it plays if your finger is cured :)
July 11 2020 04:46:48
Wade You're right. It's unusual for me to post something this soon after recording, but I played it with the healed finger. Thanks Hartmut! +1
Beautiful sound and playing... Would have liked you more up front though ;)+1
July 11 2020 04:53:39
Wade Thanks Rob, but I'm going to have to disagree. The sopranino cuts like a knife. I love Martin and Marios's template and wanted to be flowing through it and not dominating. Saxes have the potential for a huge range of dynamics, which I like to use.

Although you didn't mention it I prefer to never use compression as dynamics are (IMHO) to be celebrated as a musical tool, not destroyed in order to fit a pop nihilist formulae. When/if music producers ever mature, they may find out how much they have cut themselves and their artists short in destroying this most important area of musical communication.
July 17 2020 00:24:03
Cantaloopo I Bully agree! Compressors are (with some exceptions) weapons used in the "loudness war" of modern pop productions, where everything has to be on maximum level. But music without expressive dynamics is lacking an important ingredient of life, which is feeling and emotion. +1
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