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OK, challenged by this marathon track from our talented partner I like to play with :) mp3 everywhere cause 12:00 :)


Love it bro great choice of effects too :W+2
July 09 2020 19:41:18
Tofzegrit Thanks for noticing this point :)
Merci Gary
beautiful how these worlds come together!+2
July 09 2020 23:28:54
Tofzegrit Escape to another « comfort zone » with this Dam’ Dan :)
Merci Marc I miss you
I had a feeling you might add your Tof sparkle to this one Tof :) 12 minutes of lovely from you both.....+2
July 09 2020 23:28:01
Tofzegrit Don’t you know me well now Mademoiselle ? :)
Excellent Chris! And with the sound variety even more!! :) :W+2
July 09 2020 23:47:49
Tofzegrit Merci Franky +1
Absolutely perfect addition! <3 Love it!+2
July 09 2020 23:27:08
CI Section
Tofzegrit Thanks a bunch my friend! Btw #194118 is ours now :) +1
July 10 2020 00:15:01
CI Section
CI Section Yep, just heard it- super! +0
Great sounds and phrasing that are a wonderful fit and tell stories within each of these sections.+2
July 09 2020 23:47:33
Tofzegrit Merci Wade +1
excellent duo!
Bravo dan et tof:W
July 10 2020 06:32:53
Tofzegrit Comment tu vas tu Stef? Merci !
Et les guitares sont toujours rangées ?
July 10 2020 15:13:45
btrasher malheureusement oui!!!:(.
Je prends mon mal en patience en écoutant vos compos. I'll be back ,mais pas tout de suite:D:).
Merci de prendre de mes nouvelles ;)

I too like the effects
splendid guitar work! :)+1
July 10 2020 06:32:08
Tofzegrit Thank you +1
I didn't dare to hope, but so glad you did :) This track was completely indulgent on my part, but I kinda hoped it would give people free reign. At this length you kinda have to improvise even though you have really managed to follow the peaks and troughs beautifully. Great to hear all those different sounds (some are very unique). Do you switch FX live or drop in? I'd love to see a video of you recording your playing one day <3+1
July 10 2020 14:38:19
Tofzegrit Thank you Dan!!!
I use a live effect switch with the pedalboard then I always record a « re amping » flat neutral track. Then I can apply some vst effects while mixing/arranging (the main melody is the original sound + 2 others duplicate with reverse reverb for one and « Ya ya guitar) came from Guitar rig 5.
I dig sounding :)
July 12 2020 15:02:08
DanDiplo I dig sounding, too! To me the sound is important as the notes and I can tell you feel the same :) +1

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