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Of the hundreds of songs I have had the pleasure of playing with Gerry, I think this is one of his best (yet). Thanks for the opportunity of another jam Gerry, Added some soft lows.
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And each one better with a little help from my friend Keith. The power of music is a wonderful thing buddy, it unites people instead of dividing them. It's amazing to me how fast our music tracks have accumulated over such a short period of time and It's always a humbling honor having you and Miss Lucy play on my songs my wiki brother. Thanks buddy. A perfect bass add for this one. <3:W<3:)
I'm sensing another rare vocal assist from you:)
July 10 2020 19:56:27
kmoon235 Thanks Gerry-I have actually been recording/and erasing:D vocals to a couple others. This one may be too pretty-would hate to ruin it<3
I'm doing songs in-between getting work done for my job here in the studio-I stop, do a quick take-then back to work. Not much time to enjoy the music the way I'd like to. In fact, I thought I had posted this song before this but got distracted earning the daily bread.:D:D
Well, back to it buddy...<3
July 10 2020 23:08:38
bluvation Well you can't really ruin my crap Keith, I do that all by myself. I understand though, no problem. Don't work too hard my friend. :@<3 Hope I didn't ruin your great bass add with my guitar add and remix :|:) +1
Great coolio bass add Keith!!<3<3:o+2
July 11 2020 22:10:30
kmoon235 Thanks dorothy my dear friend<3<3<3
Great bass add buddy, really like the song:W+1
July 11 2020 22:09:49
kmoon235 Thanks my friend-so do appreciate your support:)

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