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It's one o'clock at night already here and I spent the evening with good friends . Now according to Keith Richards philosophy "the smoker you drink, the player you get" I simply couldn't go to bed without trying to play along with Gerrys latest song. Right now I like what I added, tomorrow it may sound different though ...
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country, acoustic, fingerpicking


Well for it being after 1am after an evening with friends your playing sounds much better than mine would be Heinz, a cool add my friend, thanks for taking the time and for enhancing my song. :W<3:)+0
July 11 2020 07:16:53
Cantaloopo Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate! It's always fun to play your songs. I would love to have a voice like yours - it has a certain quality, that makes it recognizable at once. Also easy to record I guess, cuts through any mix without tons of equalization. B) +1
July 11 2020 15:14:10
bluvation Thanks Heinz, that's very kind of you :W +0
very fantastic your add
Cantaloopo wonderful playing perfect !<3:Y
July 11 2020 07:02:05
Cantaloopo thank you, Charli! :) +1
very good duo
I like it:)
July 11 2020 13:59:56
Cantaloopo Thank you my friend! :) +1
Wunderschönes Spiel, Heinz!+0
July 11 2020 10:15:07
Cantaloopo Danke schön, Freund Hartmut! :) +1
You two work very well together. Very good add.<3+0
July 11 2020 12:01:02
Cantaloopo Thanks deezee, and yes, it's fun cooperating with Gerry, reminds me of the times when I was playing in a country rock band. :) +0
July 11 2020 13:53:46
deezee Cool:P +0
Oh, unglaublich wie bereichernd Dein Zutun für diesen Song ist! (Habe soeben den Vorlage gehört). Grosse Klasse:)+0
July 13 2020 11:41:10
Cantaloopo Schönen Dank Peter. Ich mag diese einfachen Country Nummern und finde Gerrys Stimme für dieses Genre ideal. Viele seiner Songs sind ziemlich gut, auch die Texte. :) +0
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