What Color Is Your Sky?

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messing around with some lead, lots of mistakes, just enjoying my afternoon away from my day job


Oh heck ya! Bring on the phasers!Was having fun listening to you jam away whilst starting the BBQ.
Thats what its all about! get them chops down! Thanks Ken!
July 12 2020 00:31:02
KMstar Very happy you enjoyed it, great template!! I enjoyed my afternoon! Now standing in front of a grill as well, have had a London broil marinating all afternoon in Italian dressing and the fire just died down on the coals :) +1
July 12 2020 00:52:27
LittleWing Filet mignonette and bacon wrapped scallops +2
July 12 2020 01:01:12
Mikebanez Hey guys sorry to bud in. New England whole belly fried clams and scallops here :P though I could go for what you guys are having:D sounds delish;) +2
July 12 2020 01:01:37
KMstar Love those, we have a local butcher that I have been buying bacon wrapped filets from for $5 each. Where we moved outside of town there is little to choose from and its one of the closest stores so I eat a lot of them. Love scallops too, good stuff +0
July 12 2020 01:02:15
Mikebanez oh this song is very catchy great job you guys👍🍺 +1
July 12 2020 01:05:04
KMstar Thanks brother! +1
July 12 2020 01:08:00
KMstar One of these days we all need to have a bbq +1
July 12 2020 01:40:17
Mikebanez i know brother. Yes sounds like a plan:D i'll get checked before i head your way and visa versa +1
July 12 2020 03:02:32
LittleWing Im sure you both have Publix by you. I LOVE their meat and seafood dept's.
Their scallops are huge. Check out their king crab legs as well.They are two fingers thick. $20 is a a great meal on them. I also get the oysters and throw them on the barbie.
July 12 2020 03:07:02
KMstar Publix is headquartered near me, definitely one of rhe best grocery stores. If they have a steamer you can get them to cook the crab for you at no charge and no stink in the keichen from cooking them at home +0
July 12 2020 03:35:46
LittleWing I love the stink! I put in some old bay in the water. Try the oysters on the grill. Just throw them on and when they open they are done. +2
cool licks bro+1
July 12 2020 13:53:17
KMstar Thanks brother! +1
a very very cool playing Ken.;)+0

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