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I hope you all can find time to rock =) I attached the HD guitar track only.
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Heavy, Rock, Ballad, Guitar, Drums


liking that tone on your guitar Bruce, cool sounds :)+1
July 12 2020 21:48:18
Psycho Funny you mentioned that because I almost tamed it down a bit, but it didn't sound right. Thanks for the nice words my good friend :) +1
Great tone and riff Bruce :W :D :W+1
July 12 2020 21:46:52
Psycho Thanks Franky, it was time to rock again :) +1
Great playing and sound Bruce! like the phaser ( i think its phaser ;O)) very cool!!:D:W+1
July 12 2020 22:20:16
Major 3rd
Psycho It's an MXR Chorus Pedal, but has a phase sound to it depending the setting. Thanks very much Major :) +1
Awesome sound Bruce:D:D+1
July 13 2020 03:30:03
Psycho Thanks very much David... I think age is affecting my stamina :) +1
Great chord progression, killer sound too my friend+1
July 13 2020 03:29:06
Psycho Well, coming from you Frank (who plays many fantastic solo guitar tracks) it means a lot my friend !! +1
July 13 2020 03:27:46
Psycho Thanks very much Filo :) +0
Yes, you impressively show that the electric guitar is also an instrument that can be played alone. fantastic tone - compliment Psycho :)+1
July 13 2020 03:27:26
Psycho I play it alone all the time :) I know what you mean Rene, thanks my friend :) +0
Hey bro can you upload guitar only? Thanks.+1
July 13 2020 03:26:15
Psycho I can, but it has a little bit of my drum noise on it because I did it live. Not too much that I believe another player can't drown out. I'll put up soon. +0
July 13 2020 03:36:36
Psycho I attached the guitar HD file Ray :) +0
Super cool playing Bruce Enjoyed!!<3:W<3+1
July 14 2020 03:57:06
Psycho Thanks very much Dee <3 +1
my printer is now out of toner due to this track!!! Thanks a Lot!!!!+1
July 14 2020 03:56:48
Psycho LOL... I'll try to tone it down next time :) thanks JJ +1
July 14 2020 05:44:11
JangoJam I just followed the herd and mentioned tone on this -- I really was more all about the effects! +1
July 18 2020 22:33:37
Psycho Thanks JJ :) +1
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