Long Groover

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10 minutes of grooving..... The drums and bass are really tight and Max made a cool struture on his bass. I tried to find some different harmonies to it and hope it is great to hear some solo's over this track... think it is long enough so we can jam together..... cheers, Marc


Great tune, you have an unmistakable style. Wonderful tune for jamming to.+3
July 13 2020 08:13:58
Marceys The long jam it is! Glad you like it Frank! Guitar, sax, harp, vocal.... everything is needed now :) +1
congratulations!!! this track is very,very good. :Y:)+1
July 13 2020 08:14:50
Marceys Glad you like it, it still needs a lot of solo/lead things to keep the listener aboard.... :) +1
Bravo Marc great job .. I love these rhythms:W:Y+1
July 13 2020 08:12:49
Marceys Glad you like it! Enjoyed the play! This needs all kinds of adds to make it interesting! 😉 +1
Ha ha 10 minutes..but ya know..I'm game..great job Marc:W :)+1
July 13 2020 08:11:54
Marceys And you played it with a free style! Enjoyed your horns Mark.
:) <3+1
July 13 2020 08:10:31
Marceys A very long track and needs some different adds to keep it interesting for a listener..... +0
Like the underwater part of the iceberg :)... unexpected and cool progression :) Great Marc ad always+1
July 13 2020 09:06:39
Marceys Glad you like it Max. Think there are some itchy parts in it but most is working this way! Let’s hope there will be some lead/solo thingies on it too! :) +1
Sounds great! How you managed to keep pace with all the twists in the bass for 10 mins is amazing! But, as Frank says, sounds unmistakably like you and slick as anything!+1
July 13 2020 16:26:46
Marceys Thanks a lot Dan, very happy you like it!
Think you are right about the kinda sound/chords i use. Need to enrich myself with new colours, i have a lot if music that i will listen the next weeks so i hope i will get some inspiration and enlarge my spectrum.... cheers
Fantastic Your Long Grover Marceys Wonderful your Piano and Synthesizer Sound great Job friend :Y<3;):Y+1
July 13 2020 16:27:58
Marceys Thanks a lot and very happy you like it! Had it on my in-ears on my mountainbike ride this morning... made me go a bit faster... :) +1
Really cool Marc, love it :) <3+1
July 14 2020 22:53:20
Marceys Glad to hear that! A long ride it was but good to find some harmonic spins and rhythm changes.... :) +1
Great fit to the bass progression while giving it your own twist.+1
July 14 2020 22:54:37
Marceys I like it to find some variations on a bass line and give it a different colour in the parts of the track... Thanks for the listen Wade! :) +1
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